Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A selection of recent media reports

Jordan endorses extradition treaty with Britain
AFP - Jordan's King Abdullah II has endorsed a treaty with Britain expected to pave the way for the extradition of radical cleric Abu Qatada who has resisted deportation for the past decade, official Petra news agency reported Tuesday.
France 24 [EN] (18-Jun-2013)
Southall man arrested moments before wedding
AN INDIAN national from Southall who used a false passport and tried to enter into a sham marriage has been jailed, fo
Ealing Gazette (18-Jun-2013)
Three arrested in raid on Hotwinds Chinese takeaway in Huntington
THREE alleged failed asylum seekers have been arrested after immigration officials raide
The Press (18-Jun-2013)
Irish rejects more asylum seekers than most EU countries
IRELAND'S IMMIGRATION SERVICES are more likely to reject applications from asylum seekers than all but a handful of the authorities in other EU countries.
The Journal.ie (18-Jun-2013)
Modern day slavery - how can we stop the traffic?
The Solicitor General Oliver Heald says the government has made some progress against human trafficking but horr
Publicservice.co.uk (18-Jun-2013)
'Don't ban genuine overseas students' says Hyndburn MP
in AN MP fears that a 'simplistic' approach to immigration is causing legitimate foreign students t
Blackburn Citizen (18-Jun-2013)
No fine for Charlie Choys after immigration raid
A RESTAURANT will not be fined after the UK Border Agency confirmed its management had not breached any rules
This Is Sussex (18-Jun-2013)
Spy cams on every plane: Expert's CCTV call after jet terror alert
A TERROR expert last night called for CCTV to be fitted on every plane after five Syrians claimed asylum f
The Scottish Sun (18-Jun-2013)
Border officials arrest three immigrants working in a Spitalfields cash and carry
Border agency officials arrested three men for immigration offences after a
East London Advertiser (17-Jun-2013)
Man jailed for plotting sham marriage at Brent registry office
Yogesh Kumar planned to use a false passport for fake nuptials
Kilburn Times (17-Jun-2013)
Asylum seekers in plane plot
FIVE desperate passengers yesterday refused to get back on a plane caught in a mid-air terror alert \u2014 and claimed asylum in Britain.
The Scottish Sun (17-Jun-2013)