Friday, 21 June 2013

Friday, June 21, 2013


Mullah Omar Vows to Retake Kabul a Week After US Withdrawal

It seems that it's only a matter of time before Taliban leader and Al Qaeda ally Mullah Omar retakes Afghanistan and is considered OK to engage (collaborate with) by the Obama administration.

WIll the monster one day be invited to the White House?

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Why Isn't the US Using Drones Against Al Qaeda in Syria?

Al Qaeda has some 10,000 fighters in Syria. So why isn't the Obama administration ordering drone strikes on Al Qaeda leaders in Syria?

Instead, the administration, incredibly, is indirectly arming Al Qaeda. 

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Thursday, June 20, 2013


Obama's Failed Presidency Evident in Repeat Berlin Performance

Empty Rhetoric Fails to Impress

The failed Obama Presidency was on display in Berlin.

Empty rhetoric, style over substance…. Europeans suffering under austerity, disgusted with Washington's indirect support for Al Qaeda … in the name of democracy promotion and human rights … are over Obamamania.

Hope and change--a cruel joke.

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Obama could have been a … contender … our FDR. Instead, he was our Jimmy Carter crossed with Bill Clinton, clever and lucky enough to be reelected, mainly because the Republican Party has basically become the extreme rightwing party that is bent on dismantling what remains of the New Deal and the Great Society. So Obama looked good compared to his predecessor, the arrogant ignoramus Bush--who ruined both his country and his party--the moron McCain, who hails Islamist car bombers and cannibals as "freedom fighters," and the weird, dog-abusing, job-killing cleric Romney.

Obama failed to revive the economy, failed to create millions of decent, well paying, permanent jobs with benefits, failed to give his country what every civilized nation on earth has--national health insurance.

He has succeeded in spreading rightwing political Islam. Support for Islamism is his passion--along with nuclear disarmament.


Turkey's Sultan Threatens Germany's Chancellor

Obama's "Moderate" Islamist Manaces Europe 

The clerical fascist Erdogan, emboldened by Washington's tacit support for his brutal crackdown on secular protesters, turns to threatening a Western European leader.

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Germany's austerity policy is a disgrace; in contrast with Obama, however, the German chancellor dared to express at least mild criticism of the crushing of dissent by Turkey's new sultan Erdogan, who is bent on restoring the Ottoman Empire.


In Praise of Serbia, Israel's Natural Ally

Obama's Pro-Islamist Foreign Policy Recalls Clinton's Atrocious War Against the Serbs, a "NATO" Aerial Bombing Campaign that Inflicted 3,000 Civilian Deaths and Destroyed All the Bridges Over the Danube 

You can't understand Obama's so-called outreach to "the Muslim world"--his pro/Islamist, pro-Basmachiforeign policy--without  understanding Clinton's campaign to install an Islamic state in Europe's heart. 

So Victor Sharpe's essay on Serbia is essential reading. Click here.

Israel should never recognize Kosovo.


The Foreign Confidential Four-Point Peace Plan for Syria

The Basic Syria Peace Plan that Could Prevent Another Middle East War and at Last Launch a Promising Era of Productive US-Russia Relations


1. Federation. A unified Syrian state is no longer a realistic option. Federation is the way forward--i.e. a federal, parliamentary democratic republic.

2. Partition. Syria should be partitioned into autonomous, Sunni and Alawite/Christian cantons, or provinces.

3. Demilitarization. Syria should be demilitarized; its chemical arsenals and other weapons of mass destruction must be destroyed; foreign fighters, expelled. National and provincial police forces should provide internal security; the international community should guarantee external security, including both the United States and Russia, which should be allowed to keep its Tartus naval base. Russian firms could provide light arms and equipment for the police pursuant to long-term agreements--compensation for loss of major weapons supply contracts (to Syria and Libya).

4. Neutrality. Syria--the national government and the individual provinces--should become a politically neutral country, removed for all time from great power rivalries, no longer a player--or pawn--in an essentially destructive contest that has consumed the  Middle East and Central Asia since the Great Game. Political neutrality should be enshrined in the country's new constitution.


The Case for Globalizing European Social Security

Developing Nations Need Pro-Poor Policies

Johannes Schweighofer observes: The Third World is changing; expectations are rising. In most developing countries, wealth isn't trickling down the way it should. Market forces alone won't suffice. 

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Understanding Europe's Ugly New Order

Deflation, Wage Reduction, Unemployment, Poverty …

The crisis in Europe is ongoing. In fact, to continue to refer to what is happening--massive unemployment, wage reductions, savage spending cuts, etc.--as a crisis is senseless. A new order--a new European "world"--has been created. And it's ugly.

What is to be done?

Jean-Paul Fitoussi and Xavier Timbeau weigh in with analysis and answers. Click here to read their brilliant essay.


Obama's Erdogan Meets Hamas Leader for Unity Talks

Islamists Plot United Front Against Israel

Turkey's Obama-Backed Islamist prime minister is helping Hitlerian Hamas to "reconcile" with (i.e. absorb and dominate) the secular Palestinian leadership in order to more effectively confront Israel, the destruction of which the Islamists are bent on achieving. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Hot Money Exodus from Turkey Could End Sultan Erdogan's Rule

Capital flight from Turkey could bring down the regime and end its Islamist and neo-Ottoman advances. The new sultan dreams of restoring the empire … and imposing Islamic law. 

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Another force could stop the sultan--the army. 


Karzai Stabs US in Back as Taliban Advance

Afghanistan … the nightmare continues.

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The Taliban should have been obliterated after 9/11 by any and all means necessary. But Bush didn't destroy the medieval maniacs. He dislodged them. 

Obama is engaging them.