Saturday, 22 June 2013

I am away for one week as from Sunday.  

All is not over until the fat lady sings and I haven't even warmed up my vocal chords yet.  

In the Daily Mail today "MOD hands out £700k bonuses for pen pushers-as soldiers are sacked", by Ian Drury . 

These reductions along with other forces reduced in 2010 leaves this Country Vulnerable, very much so and quite deliberately so, at a time when our Government is financing the European Union and leaving this-OUR COUNTRY vulnerable to attack, plus the present America is unlikely to come to our aid (see Obama' speech in that he wants us to remain in the EU-forever.  

We can't do that.-which our government also knows-

That mounts up to sheer Treachery/Treason.  

A case needs to be prepared for exactly THAT.  

I will not have access to a Computer while I am away. 

I would like as many people as possible to write to THEIR own MP's and  get the full Figures what this Our Government is contributing to the various European Union's Defence Agencies they are spending on and giving to the European Union for Their Defence Agency-

This you can check on if you have been given the correct "UK spend" and it is nothing like the figures in my article written in 2010.  (Rattle their Cage)  Do you REALLY think you will get a referendum on an "IN" our "out" of the EU when this Government is deliberately reducing our Defence whilst at the same time giving more money to an EU Defence agency.  

I am here Saturday-AT TIMES-BUT NOT ALL DAY.  

As a Loner, It is absolutely up to you whether you take part in this,  "exercise" and how many take part. 

But it would be good if each and every Member of Parliament had a request from one of those that Voted for them at the last Election to know that the people of this Country are going to hold each and every MP to account for the DEFENCE of this their own Country, and to know the exact details of what money OUR British Government is giving to foreigners to furnish an EU Defence Force-and yes, some of those on your lists may be amazed at just how much of our/YOUR money is going towards a Foreign Defence.  

Yet I remember a giant of a man, as I know for certain Harry does, that this Country must never be found wanting in the field of its Defence-ever again.  


Please do not send e-mails before next Saturday, but please-let them all know in that House of Commons that the people of this Country are not going to allow temporary people in Parliament PAY to give the governing our Country away-especially the DEFENCE of this our Country-to foreigners

Ground Hog Day.  A P. 9.2.2010.

Without doubt "National Security" and "Defence of the REALM" is THE most important job of any British Government and of each and every one of us here in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. 

In time of war, we may be conscripted, called upon to serve in one of the British Services.  Without the means of defence always at the ready and/or without anyone prepared to defend it, we would soon lose our Country.  There would be no British Government or British people.  Sadly, from what our Government is doing today, what it is prepared to do is a repeat of what happened in 1939. 

My interest in the subject stems from my youth, having gone through WWII with the sound of and watching on one occasion a so called ‘dog fight’ between a Spitfire and a German ‘plane, and a brother who was ‘plane’ mad who eventually became one of A.V. Roe’s Chief Design Engineers.  This perhaps is why I find it very difficult to understand what is happening today and why I truly believe our politicians of ‘today’ are so very, very foolish. It really does seem like Ground Hog Day- no one can ever be free and we have to keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

Our Government has brought out a Green Paper with their proposals, “Adaptability and Partnership: Issues for the Strategic Defence Review, dated Feb 2010.”  Suggestions aired whether to scrap the three major services and amalgamate them into two? Which will go?  Our Royal Navy?  No more Rule Britannia, Britannia Rules the waves then?  The Royal Air-Force?  That wonderful force that helped win the Battle of Britain, certainly of the skies. The fantastic pride when we see and hear that one remaining Avroe Vulcan Bomber over-head.  Or the British Army that is fighting day and night and losing so many soldiers in Afghanistan.  Will it be the Royal Air-Force we lose because although we have allegedly ordered two mighty Aircraft Carriers, we have not ordered any new ‘planes, have we?

One question the Green Paper asks, “Should we further integrate our forces with those key allies and partners?”  Definitely NO.  All too often ‘friends’, ‘allies’ in today’s world can very quickly become enemies. I remember one of these so called  ‘Friends’ in 1991, as our Army was preparing to go to forward to Kuwait, the Belgian Government refused permission for Belgium manufactured artillery shells to be delivered to Britain. If I ask you at this point in time, “Do you trust our politicians”?  What would be your answer?  Then ask yourself, should we trust foreigners that are politicians? With our defence? Our Security?  Our Country?

There is no Winston Churchill around to save us now. What makes me really angry is that two MP’s have remembered we have our own Constitution (The Bill of Rights 1689) when its suits THEM, but along with all the rest have deliberately ignored it.  However, the people haven’t forgotten, and much, if not everything our Parliamentarians are doing and have done may well be contrary to our very own Constitution and particularly the Queen’s Coronation Oath.

Much of what is happening now began Friday December 4th 1998 between President Jacques Chirac and Tony Blair at St Malo.  The actual signing of the Defence Agreement was by Mr Robertson and his French Counterpart Alain Richard on board HMS Birmingham at the Port of St Malo.  A letter of intent signalled a move towards the sharing of intelligence, joint planning and transport, even joint media handling.  The UK Government made it clear apparently, that it would not surrender the rebate which was secured by the then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.  If it wasn’t so tragic, it would be laughable

Our Forces have worked with NATO many times. NATO do not want to “govern us”, they do not make all our laws.  We work however, ‘within’ the European Union.  I look at the Treaty of Lisbon, Clause 188R, The Solidarity Clause which compels Member States to act together, and I couple that with the SOFA Directive which our Government have ratified in full and there is indeed a great deal of difference between NATO and the EU and the gulf between the two is large indeed. 

What our Government did not explain is that they had, for a number of years, been contributing to The European Defence Agency since 2004.  This is recorded in The European Defence Agency 2008 Financial Report June 2009. (Page 29), or the debates on the subject in Hansard in the next paragraph.

In answer to one recent question (28.1.2010), “UK support of the EU military capability helps strengthen the Common Security and Defence Policy and Europe’s contribution to NATO, both of which are in our national interest”. ”Money to the European Defence Agency is listed as Calendar Year 2008, 3.11 million. 2009, 3.03 million and estimated 4.01 million for 2010.  The amount paid to the EDA since it was established in 2004 is given from another paper, as follows in Millions 2004-5 1.56. 2005-6 2.36. 2006-7 2.09. 2007-8 1.59.

In the 1939-45 war with just one sovereign Houses of Parliament all be it with an extraordinary man to lead this Country through that war, and with the full help of America which we could not have done without (which at no time wanted to Govern us or surrender our Sovereignty to them), that war was won.  It did take us 60 years to repay our financial debt to them-yet a small price to pay for without their help we would have been governed by Hitler, then after him, who exactly would be over us?  Another tyrant? We have certainly worked with or in a multinational Army before though, the “Allied Army” consisting of Members of the Commonwealth, Australia, New Zealand etc, the free Polish and free French, the Ghurkhas , but they worked with us, at no time did we end up Governing them or they governing us. Who will be in charge of the EU in years to come?  How many years will it take us to repay the debt we are in now?

For many years our forces and equipment have been in line with the USA and NATO, all part of the ‘Special Relationship’ that had been built up over the years. Our Equipment was “compatible” with NATO.  Our Forces need the best equipment, they need it on time and they need it to be British made where possible so that they can rely on it, and it can provide work for our own industries.  What kind of Country are we if we cannot choose the very best equipment for our own Forces?   Our Forces need to know they come first in everything, from their welfare, their accommodation when in the ‘field’ and the best accommodation for their families left at home. Equipment for the defence of our Country must come before all else, and that means before any Treaties deceitfully signed by temporary Governments without agreement by the people of this Country. Treaties that allegedly give the EU ‘competence’ over our ‘Constitution and laws,’ which is contrary to our constitution and a betrayal to the solemn Oaths they so swear before they take up Office.  Everything must meet and be up to the standards we expect of them and what is stated in the Military Covenant, for our forces are prepared to lay down their lives for us.  

The ECHR treats members of the Armed Forces as “citizens in Uniform” See Engel v Netherlands (1976).  54”…”The Convention applies in principle to members of the armed forces and not only to civilians”.  Tell that to those forces that were scrambling to get out of that burning tank when our Soldiers clothes were on fire.

Many have been the changes regarding the Defence of the Realm, particularly as our Country got deeper and deeper involved with the European Union.  A Dr Sara Beaver in giving ‘evidence’ (Hansard) 10th June said, “It was also recognised at St Malo in 1998 that the EU needed a capacity to do things autonomously, so national headquarters can be used where appropriate.  There are the National Headquarters  that France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and Greece have offered for that purpose.  As you will know there is another question about whether or not there should be a European capability, but one of the key principles for us in the United Kingdom has been to try and minimise any duplication.  It would be wrong to say there is no duplication between the Agency and work that is done in NATO, but it will have a different focus”.  Later on Dr Javier Solana was interviewed.  On page 36 of that paper under the Heading European Commission Green Paper on Defence Procurement, with figures in Billions spent by the EU and the figures given for the UK.  It made me wonder if it is wise to tell foreigners what this Country spends in defence of the Realm.  A warning voice from the war years whispers in my ears, “Careless talk costs lives”. 

After listening to the Secretary of State for Defence, (Geoff Hoon’s) speech in Parliament 16th December 2004 Col 1794 on the destruction of some of our great Regiments which he named.  Michael Ancram, The Shadow Secretary of State remarked, “Behind the spin, the reality is stark. 19 great Regiments gone, infantry battalions cut from 40 to 36, the Army trained establishment cut from its current target of 108,500 to a target of 102,000 by 2008. Today’s announcements are dangerous to our country. In the words of the former Chief of the Defence Staff, Lord Guthrie, in the Sunday Telegraph last Sunday, the Army “has become dangerously small for what it is being asked to do”. “Today’s statement will make it even smaller. The Secretary of State says that this is all about reorganisation.  None of us is against necessary reorganisation, but this statement was driven not by a need to reorganise but by the Chancellor’s demand for financial cuts.” End of quotes.

I observe that these cuts were made at a time of “terrorism”, where we are being ‘spied’ upon and there is a need to have ID cards with details shared throughout the EU and/or ‘lost’.   Throughout this speech not once was the EU mentioned and yes, the TREASURY was blamed for the cuts. Only that there are to be “an impressive re-equipment programme, introducing new communications equipment such as Bowman and Falcon, enhanced intelligence collection assets such as Watchkeeper UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) such as Panther armoured reconnaissance vehicle, and looking ahead, the ambitious FRES (Future Rapid Effect System) “armoured fighting vehicle programme, which will modernise the armoured vehicle fleet and form the basis of the medium weight capability.”

Over the years since then we have watched, unable to prevent, these wonderful regiments disbanded. Without any doubt at all, it was done to fit in the European Union’s idea of fighting forces.  There would have been no change or reduction in our Forces-particularly at this point in time, had it not been for the European Rapid Reaction Force, The Battlegroups, etc, for the autonomous European Army.  Equipment changed, compatible more to the EU than to NATO and upon reading the European Defence Agency: Evidence dated 10th 2004 the money required by the EU, funded by our Defence Ministry, and separate, over and above the general EU Budget. 

Why hasn’t anyone from Government told us of these payments over recent years to the European Defence Agency?   We have been paying this money when our fighting services have been short of equipment?   I hope there is not one present MP re-elected come the next General Election, and no matter what laws they may bring in now, “No Parliament may bind another”. But will any of the three major political Parties change things?  Why vote for them when there are other new faces waiting in the wings?

Slowly, slowly, our Governments have sold off most of our assets, our essential services, in fact everything they could get their hands on.  Sold to foreigners to make a “quick buck” rather than keep in the long term and make money as we go along.
Much, much worse though and quite contrary to our Constitution, our Government would be giving authority over our forces to the EU.

You.  Me, trying to wake people up to what is happening to our Country, and to those in Parliament that DO KNOW to try to get them to know that we know the horror, the great betrayal of what they between them have done.  To get the people to work together to put these MP’s out of office come the next General Election, for the whole point of all three has been to get us to vote for any one of those three major Political Parties because they ALL want to remain in the EU.

The people and this Country have been bled dry by the EU. But the EU is not going to be the “United States of Europe” that Jean Monnet wanted, it is going to be one State of European Union, with its own EU Army, Air-Force and EU Military style Police Force and certainly an EU Navy because we know that is already in operation off Somalia.  Unless the people use this very last chance they might have to change things, which is in the General Election by voting for would be MP’s that want a true Government that can actually Govern and make all the Laws according to our Constitution. One that would deliberately repudiate the EU Treaties.  Failing that and seeing what Labour has done to our Country in 12 years, I should think the Conservatives will allow the EU to finish off the United Kingdom in five years and ‘welcome’ the fully operational twelve Regions of the EU. No more Ground Hog Day for there might not be a  British Government to keep on making the same mistakes.