Friday, 21 June 2013

Nothing To CQC Here

    The BBC seems to be up to its old tricks as it fails to mention ‘Labour government’ in relation to yet another health scandal from the time of the last Labour government. Not only failing to mention Labour and its failures in charge of the NHS but actually facilitating their attack on the present government. Labour has picked up on a small phrase in the report by Grant Thornton … Continue reading 

Silence Really Is Golden At The BBC

BBC spent £28m of licence-fee payers’ money gagging 500 staff The BBC has used licence fee payers’ money to buy the silence of more than 500 staff with payouts of up to £500,000 each   Never mind the £300,000 spent concealing the inconvenient findings of the Balen Report….which reporters would have received pay offs along with their P45s if that had been published?