Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Silence Really Is Golden At The BBC

BBC spent £28m of licence-fee payers’ money gagging 500 staff The BBC has used licence fee payers’ money to buy the silence of more than 500 staff with payouts of up to £500,000 each   Never mind the £300,000 spent concealing the inconvenient findings of the Balen Report….which reporters would have received pay offs along with their P45s if that had been published?

Open Thread Monday

After  Harriet Harman declared that the BBC is the ‘gold standard’ that other broadcasters and media must look to for inspiration and guidance I thought no more could be said about the glorious Beeb…clearly I was wrong, the last open thread is bulging and Brian Sewell’s (H/T George R & Buggy) own assessment rings very true…‘Bollocks…it could be ten times better’……

Charity Begins At Home

    There’s an ongoing furore over the ever more bloated international aid budget whilst things at home are austerity stricken. Perhaps Cameron might have a change of heart and start repatriating some of that money to help the homegrown refugees that the BBC has discovered roaming British cities. ( 9 minutes in)   Yes that’s right, British refugees. The BBC tells us that Birmingham has  ‘increasing numbers of refugees from the South East, … Continue reading 

The Secret Of Her Success

       I suppose I could just put up this heading from an article on the BBC’s website and let you work the rest out for yourself…. Criminal tendencies The psychopathic traits that make some prime ministers great   …but you might have been confused by that ‘great’…you would have thought…BBC….doing an article on psychopathic Prime Ministers….it’s got to be Thatcher…but they wouldn’t call her ‘great’…so maybe not…it couldn’t … Continue reading 

BBC’s Countryfile cuts comments about badgers from item about hedgehog decline

Former BBC presenter Robin Page has uncovered a blatant piece of agenda-driven editing in a recent edition of the BBC’s Countryfile: The woman talking about hedgehogs to John Craven was the excellent Rebecca Willers from the Shepreth Wildlife Park – she too was featured in my last Diary. On the programme she attributed hedgehog decline to road kills and loss of hedgerows, and then it was clear to me that … Continue reading