Friday, 16 August 2013

All The Money, All The Power

  Some links that provide an interesting perspective on the BBC: Thanks to George R for this link: Why does the BBC sneer about Britain’s recovery but go crazy if Euroland’s corpse so much as twitches?   This from the Telegraph illustrates the lack of knowledge about student loans….something that the BBC has done little to dispel…..its journalists often encouraging the idea that the loans are a massive weight around … Continue reading 

Peston Power

    It’s a curious feature of the BBC that independent thought, creative, original, idiosyncratic reasoning and analysis is often crushed under the weight of the organisation with its overwhelming employment of people who think the same thoughts and cleave to the same values. Those of an independent frame of mind soon find it wise to keep their consensus breaking thoughts to themselves or find themselves marked out as a … Continue reading 

The ‘Green Shoots’ Are Just ‘Weeds’ Says BBC

      The BBC tells us that: ‘What appears to be the beginnings of good news on the economy is good news for the coalition too, and so tricky for Labour.’   Never mind the BBC can help you out in those ‘tricky moments’, that’s what it’s here for, serving the Public good.   The BBC are sceptical about the green shoots of economic recovery….employment is up but they … Continue reading 


Strange bias by the equally strange Roger Harrabin here on the issue of whether there is such a thing as “road tax’. In essence, it strikes me as a polemic in pro-cyclist anti-motorist pedantry. The BBC hates motorists and loves cyclists.


Its going to be interesting watching how the BBC deal with the building tsunami of Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants into the UK. This morning, the BBC reports that the number of Romanians and Bulgarians working in the UK rose by a quarter in three months. As we can all anticipate, this surge will grow and grow as restrictions come to an end. Always advocates of irrevocable demographic change, I suggest … Continue reading 


Well, as some of us predicted, post Mubarak Egypt is a mess and all sensible people will be appalled at the loss of life on the streets of Cairo and elsewhere. However the BBC is clearly aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood, doing all it can to push the MB narrative at all times. Report after report from the BBC paints the MB as ‘victims” and I hear the BBC declare this … Continue reading