Saturday, 24 August 2013

A selection of recent media reports

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Border Force drop controls on immigrants trying to get to Britain through Calais a formal report by John Vine, the chief inspector of borders and immigration, into Britain s cross-Channel border controls, at the start of... (24-Aug-2013)
Violent Bosnian with string of convictions can't be deported because it would violate his human rights
...night critics said that the ruling by a judge in the Immigration and Asylum Chamber reinforced the need for urgent reform of immigration laws. 
Mail On Sunday (24-Aug-2013)
English charities are the victims of lottery apartheid: How projects in Scotland receive nearly THREE TIMES more funding than those south of the border
...projects such as gay propaganda DVDs for schools, camcorders for asylum seekers and a groovy diversity parade. Thousands have also been spent ... 
Mail On Sunday (24-Aug-2013)
Border Agency 'made my life hell' says Australian newlywed who 'will never come back'
...and his application to remain in the UK as a spouse was refused under new immigration laws. Gavin said: "The way I have been forced out of this... 
This is Hull and East Riding (23-Aug-2013)
Home Office 'Go home' vans were 'unacceptable', says study
...Go home or face arrest is an unacceptable message for an immigration campaign, according to results of an independent survey recently carried ... 
The Voice (23-Aug-2013)
Millions spent on thousands of places at dozens of Peterborough schools all, is being spent to compensate for the combined effect of immigration , one of the highest birthrates in the country, the city s growth... 
Peterborough Today (23-Aug-2013)
Dutch minister calls for Euro reform
...the Netherlands has called on the European Union to look into immigration reform to tackle what he calls the negative consequences of the Union ... 
Relocate Magazine (23-Aug-2013)
Outcry as Labour's Diane Abbott demands MORE migrants
...Diane Abbott attacked Ed Miliband for failing to argue for more immigration . The shadow Health Minister claimed her leader was shy of publicly... (22-Aug-2013)
Labour frontbencher hits out at Miliband over immigration
Labour frontbencher hits out at Miliband over immigration Ed Miliband is too concerned with poll ratings to adopt a principled stand on immigration , (22-Aug-2013)
Fresh fears raised over UK visa system for Chinese visitors
...go through one of the tour operators. In May, the immigration minister Mark Harper announced the Home Office would hold talks with major Chinese ... (22-Aug-2013)