Saturday, 10 August 2013

Acid Drops

Two girls have acid thrown in their faces on a Muslim majority Island.

The BBC think this may be one of Mark Mardell’s ‘senseless tragedies’
‘….it was the first time visitors to the island had been attacked in this way, describing the incident as “alien” to both the police investigating and the victims.
Officers had no idea as to the motive.
But just in case anyone should be speculating they highlight this:
 ”It was not a civilised act, it is not Islam.”
Why would anyone say that if there was no idea as to the motive?

Compare the BBC’s version of events to that given in the Telegraph:

Zanzibar acid attack: finger pointed at radical Islamic group as five questioned over assault on British teenagers

Five men are being questioned by police over the acid attack on two British charity volunteers in Zanzibar as suspicion grew that a radical Islamic group may have inspired the assault.

The BBC tells us (last updated (15:07 9th Aug) the police have no idea of the motive and that this is a completely alien event.
The Telegraph tells us that there is a likely motive and that it has happened on the island before, though not to a tourist….so not such an ‘alien’ incident to the police in reality.