Thursday, 15 August 2013

And you think we have problems? 

Monday 25 June 2012
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Although the UK national debt currently stands at just over £1 trillion, according to Hasslesplatt, things in Germany (quantitatively, at least) are inestimably worse.

Currently, says the paper, public debt in Germany, despite all efforts to save money, has continued to rise. At the end of the first quarter, federal, state and local authorities were in debt to the tune of €2.042 trillion – about £1.6 trillion. This, we are told, is an increase of 2.1 percent or €42.3 billion, year-on-year.

Per capita, that is about £19,750 that each German owes, compared with about £17,200 owed by every Briton. You can guess, therefore, that the billionaire George Soros telling the Germans that they should bail out the rest of the eurozone isn't going to go down too well.