Sunday, 25 August 2013

August 25, 2013
Fukushima: What YOU Need To Know
Everyone needs to be aware of the fall out from Fukushima. If you live in California, Oregon, Washington State or Canada (Pacific side), you need to contact your state representative and ask if your state's health department is monitoring and testing things like fish, water, soil and air samples. Is your state working with big universities like UC Berkeley in their monitoring and testing? What are the results? Why isn't more being publicized to the citizens of those states -- especially farmers? Is river water being......
by Devvy Kidd

Washington Post Attacked as Terrorist Mouthpiece
The clear objective of the Brotherhood, dubbed by some Western media as having ‘renounced violence for a long time,’ is to drive Egypt into chaos and civil war.” A separate Post article about the protests outside its own headquarters quoted Kristine M. Coratti, a spokeswoman for the Post, as defending the newspaper’s stories: “Our coverage of events in Egypt has been comprehensive, incorporating all perspectives, and it has been fair, accurate and honest.”.........
by Cliff Kincaid

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Remember that Man
Little children, like most young mammals, develop an instinctive attachment to their mothers. She is the source of food and comfort. It's not only children. Medics tell me that severely wounded warriors on the battlefield usually call out for their mothers. Additionally, I've seen plenty of tattoos heralding love for Mom, but seldom for Dad.......
by Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Political Sermons From Pastors in the Founding Era, Part 5
I have stated many times in my books and columns that our Founders took special care to make sure that those that were placed in authority over them were men of high character. There is even a case where a judge was removed from office because he got drunk – in his own home! We can’t even get rid of a judge today that ignores our Constitution! Reverend Cooke defines the person placed in authority in great detail.......
by Pastor Roger Anghis