Thursday, 22 August 2013

We Killed Him For "The Fun of It"
They shot him in the back after he ran past their house. I sat in my chair dumb-struck at the utter horror, stupidity and sickening savagery of the entire report. Lester Holt remained emotionless while speaking his words to millions of Americans. It turned my guts. It made me sick to my stomach. The killing left a gaping “why” in my brain. Will millions of African-Americans protest? ......
by Frosty Wooldridge

America: The Great Super Power
Our educational system has dulled the senses of our children. It has taught them WHAT to think and not HOW to think. As long as the child can justify why they believe they are taught that the argument validates their point. Common sense is no longer common. When absolute truth was booted out the back door everyone began to believe and act upon what was right in their own eyes. Common sense was the idea that when presented with the facts it would be only natural for someone to see the truth..........
by Coach Dave Daubenmire

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They’re Living My Satire
Back on July 26, 2011, right here at, I published a little satire entitled, “A New Bible for a New Age.” In it I exaggerated liberal churchmen’s and ministerettes’ penchant for spinning God’s Word to make it conform to their words. I had them rewriting the Bible, cover to cover. Their Bible even had a New New Testament.......
by Lee Duigon