Thursday, 15 August 2013
Coalition Parties Pay Back the Money

Ed Finally Gets a Breakthrough


The week began with politics finally eating itself and a politician hitting the airwaves to distance himself from a speech he had not yet given. Despite what his own diary in the Indysaid, Chris Bryant's big intervention on the immigration debate did not go well. Forced to climbdown on a planned attack on Tesco and Next, the pugnacious attack pooch was gently filleted on the Today programme and managed to confuse Essex and Kent. Not a mistake Labour would let a Tory get away with if it had been Yorkshire and Lancashire, say. No one came to Bryant's defence and Ed's shadow cabinet remain conspicuously absent of late.

Things did not get any better when Ed returned from his holiday and was promptly egged by a protester. Not even his loyal staff were willing to take a bullet for their bossMore painful then any yolk would be the fact the egg-chucker declared he wished David Miliband had won the leadership.

The coaliton did not fare much better with a row blowing up over a donation from the Q2 party funding figures. The possible problems of Joan Edward's will donation that was split between the Tories and the LibDems should have been flagged up before any money was ever accepted, and the deceased nurse's half-a-million has ended up being swallowed up by our £1.39 trillion black hole. The climbdown was swift but embarrassing.

Elsewhere the Sun hired a new Managing Editor, Downing Street got a new spinner, Sayeeda Warsi upset an ally and of course, Jeremy Paxman grew a beard. UKIP had a rebrand, and Guido leaked the Guardian's salariesA not entirely silly, silly season...

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