Friday, 9 August 2013

Daily Crux reader, 

Here is today's Crux update: 

How to buy a $1 million house for just $1,900/month 
"Welcome back interest-only loans!"

Controversial post: Why the "smart money" could be selling now 
"If you can't spot the pigeon at the poker table... odds are it's you..."

An incredible confession from an institutional investor 
"No one working in the field would ever be able to say this out loud..."

We just got another big clue the Federal Reserve could "taper" next month 
"We are quite likely to reduce the flow of purchases..."

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Porter Stansberry's newest breakthrough 
After 14 years in the business, S&A's founder has released one of the best investment discoveries of his career. It's a discrepancy that could make you $1,000s this month if you react in time. Porter calls it, "Too Good to Be True."

This 50-year chart suggests a recession is now unavoidable 
"Now that personal income is falling, a recession is baked in..."

Why the Federal Reserve has been so wrong, so often 
"Four major defects are all too evident..."

Today's entertainment: Putting $1 billion in perspective 
"Perspective is missing in today's world..."

Gold stocks could now be trading at a "must hold" level 
"Support is support until broken..."


Justin Brill
Managing Editor, The Daily Crux