Tuesday, 13 August 2013

 Daily Crux reader, 

Here is today's Crux update: 

An "ingenious" new device every wine aficionado should see 
"Will revolutionize how we drink wine at restaurants... and at home..."

This could be the best silver opportunity you'll get for years 
"After months of watching prices fall, silver bulls at last have some good news…"

The Federal Reserve just made a jaw-dropping admission about "quantitative easing" 
"Why this sudden change of heart?"

Ron Paul: The U.S. is fighting a new war... And you probably have no idea 
"A legitimate threat to us that is unfortunately largely ignored..."

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What you should know about Obama's plan to "reform" government spying 
"How do I make the American people more comfortable?"

Billionaire inventor reveals plans for revolutionary new transportation system 
"Will deliver passengers between U.S. cities faster than the speed of sound..."

Six items you should never buy in August 
"By waiting, you can save 20 percent to 25 percent..."

Bitcoin "architect" explains everything you need to know about the new digital currency 
"Bitcoin really is a new kind of money..."


Justin Brill
Managing Editor, The Daily Crux