Friday, 16 August 2013


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 a reply from Europe House, Smith Square, London (the new EU Parliament HQ in the UK, perhaps? "Head Office" for all of us?) - and this reply is where the lady explains "it is not planned to replace the Crown, with a ring of stars".
Yeah, right....I was a salesman myself once and "it takes a b****s***tter to know a b****s***tter"!  This lady qualifies well! A very plausible reply, I hand it to her!
They introduce their own EU Birth Certificate - as a standard, across the EU option, "to assist with business travellers" - then claim "people prefer it, so national Birth Certificates will be discontinued"...that's called "Salami government", folks!  Slice, by tiny slice"!
I don't believe a word of it! Business travellers - how many......4,000 per year? Clever strategic move and another strand in the rope!
I think we should leave the EU - today! Every day longer, makes the rope that binds us to it, several strands stronger! We will eventually be pulled under - and we are struggling even now!

You might be interested in the reply I have received to my email to Europe House. Needless to say I have already drafted out a response ready to send and I will let you have a copy of that.
I have also received an acknowledgement letter from Bill Cash saying he will take the matter up with the Secretary of State.  I wait with baited breath for his response.
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Tuesday, August 13, 2013 3:44 PM
Subject: EU Rulings in Britain

Dear Mrs ********
Thank you for your letter to Jackie Minor, Head of European Commission Representation in the UK, dated 11 August in which you raise concerns about public documents such as birth certificates.

Please be assured the European Commission is not proposing to replace the Royal Crest on birth, marriage and death certificates with the EU logo. Furthermore, the Commission is not proposing to abolish or change national birth certificates.

The weekend of 10 August saw a series of inaccurate and misleading articles in the UK press alleging the above. Their assertions are entirely wrong.

At the centre of the maelstrom is a Commission proposal on the certification of public documents

The core idea is to make it easier for member states to recognise each other’s basic documents – like birth and marriage certificates for individuals or legal entities for companies – without the need for special stamps or legalisation. Currently, such a special certification stamp – called an apostille – is needed to prove the authenticity of a document. Legalisation is required to certify that the signatures on it are genuine

Contrary to the claims made in the newspaper articles, the use of the standardised EU forms would be entirely optional. People and businesses who travel and/or trade abroad may choose to use the EU format in order to save them time and money. For example, if a British business operates across the EU they may wish to have a standardised form, so as to confirm their legal entity in different countries more easily. The forms would not replace national forms which will continue to exist.

The proposal followed an extensive public consultation to which the House of Lords, the Law Society, the Notaries Society of England & Wales, the Family Education Trust and the Registers of Scotland, among others, all contributed. The overwhelming response was that standard forms would help people and companies get their documents recognised more easily.

You should also be aware that UK MEPs and Cabinet Ministers will have their say in how the final EU legislation will look. They are taking part in the negotiations on this proposal that are currently on-going in the European Parliament and in the Council of Ministers.

The full text of the proposal is available here

An overview of how EU decisions are taken is available here

We hope you find this information interesting, but above all, reassuring


Albena Dimitrova Press Officer European Commission Representation in the UK direct line: +44 (0)20 7973 1898 Press Office tel: +44 (0) 20 7973 1971 (including details of out of hours duty press officer)
fax: +44 (0) 20 7973 1907
32 Smith Square London SW1P 3EU 

                                                                                                                        10th August 2013.

Head of Representation
Jackie Minor
European Commission Representation in the UK
Europe House
32 Smith Square
London  SW1P 3EU

Dear Madam

I understand that the purpose of your office in the UK is to promote and support the aims, ideals and objectives of the European Commission.

As a British Citizen I have recently become aware of EU plans to replace our longstanding and traditional Royal Crest on Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates with the EU flag/logo.  
I ask you Madam with whose authority?

I would also be grateful if you would pass on my letter to your superiors in the European Commission letting them know that firstly they have no mandate from the British people to do this and secondly that no one of sane mind would wish to go to their grave branded as the citizen of an organisation controlled by a cabal of self serving and autonomous fanatical dictators.  The very thought sickens me to my core.

Please also note that the £265 million you have obtained in order to promote your European Citizenship Propaganda campaign aimed at forcing citizens to “like” the EU will be a complete waste of taxpayers money, and clearly demonstrates how the EU  squanders money on completely useless projects in its attempts to further its sinister agenda of total subservience of the British people.

For your records please note the following:

I am and always will be British English. I am not and NEVER will be European.  I am descended from an English Grandfather who fought in the First World War and daughter of a Father who fought in the Second World War.  They fought for my right to be English and that is how I will remain.

I hope I have made myself clear.