Thursday, 22 August 2013

Op-Ed: The Abyss That Separates Jewish and Arab Society

Published: Wednesday, August 21, 2013 3:05 PM

BY  Giulio Meotti

Jewish culture is superior.

The Sheffield Club, a billiards hall in Rishon Letzion, was very popular with teenagers. The club also attracted Arab patrons from the nearby city of Jaffa. Amid the jingle of slot machines and the blare of music, few patrons would have noticed the Palestinian Arab suicide bomber slipping into the nightspot.
The blast catapulted bodies through windows and onto the hoods of cars parked three floors below. The attack was so powerful it lifted a refrigerator into the air and sheared off the front and back walls of the club, leaving the third floor looking like a crumpled dollhouse with bodies trapped under the collapsed ceiling.
As part of its recent Ramadan activities, the Palestinian Authority has just honored a number of terrorists who murdered a grand total of 238 Israelis, including Abdallah Barghouti, “the mechanic” who planned the attack at the Sheffield Club.
He didn't stop there. Barghouti’s explosives killed at the Sbarro restaurant (15 killed), at the Moment Café (11 killed), at the Ben Yehuda pedestrian mall (11 killed) and at the Hebrew University (9 killed).
“The brave prisoner, Abdallah Barghouti, who has the longest sentence in the history of the Palestinian cause”, reads the Fatah’s celebration, first reported by Palestinian Media Watch.
Barghouti’s face is everywhere in the Palestinian Authority areas because they are proud of the fact that he’s sitting in an Israeli jail for murdering 67 Jews.
Ahmed Yassin, the Hamas ideologue who ordered the killing of hundreds of Jews, today is revered like an Islamic saint.
Unlike 9/11, which was a military operation against US targets, Israel is facing a cheap kind of terrorism. Barghouti’s suicide vests cost only $150 for the terror groups.

Israel is facing a cheap kind of terrorism. Barghouti’s suicide vests cost only $150 for the terror groups
But Barghouti’s record is telling the West something that doesn't concern economics, somethng deeper and stronger: that the Palestinian Arab "culture" has been founded on the lust for Jewish blood. This is the “vivid and delightfully perverse feeling of the spilled blood”, as wrote Varlam Salamov, who spent twenty years in the Soviet Gulag.
A survivor of the Mahane Yehuda (Jerusalem souk) marketplace bombing, one of Abdallah Barghouti’s success, described that scene to me: “The streets littered with overturned boxes of fruit and vegetables, splattered with blood. The smell of death, charred bodies, and burnt blood filled the air”.
Someone else said me that “there was a smell you’ll never forget”.
Issa Karake, the Palestinian Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs, also visited the family of suicide-bomb mastermind Abbas Al-Sayed, awarding them an official plaque for the massacre in Netanya’s Park Hotel. The award celebrates an enormous pool of blood. The blood of 30 innocent Jews who had wanted to celebrate Passover together that night.
That's it in a nutshell.  Self-annihilation and Jews’ mass murder have been the only measures of the Palestinian Arabs’ “success”. No road map will sanitize this sickness.
Among the victims of Abdallah Barghouti, there was David “Diego” Ladowski. He was a student at the Hebrew University. His brother, Gabi, once told me that “we Jews put life before everything else, and we honor the deceased by celebrating their lives, their memory. David, ‘Diego,’ dedicated his life to helping others and improving their lives. Not only Jews, but also Palestinians”.
The Ladowski’s family, one of the most close to my heart, created the David Diego Ladowski Memorial Foundation. “We Jews honor life, so there is no symbolism in death”, Gabi told me. “We honor the dead for their lives”.
For me this is the greatest difference between Jews and Palestinian Arabs. The society of David Ladowski is superior to the society of Abdallah Barghouti.
An abyss separates those who bring life from those who give death.
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