Saturday, 10 August 2013

Part of our Long standing Common Law 

Constitution-Magna Carta

Some people seem to think that this Country has no Constitution, they are right in one way for indeed we do not have ONE written document but proof indeed we have various separate Constitutional Documents because this Government recently changed nine (9) parts of our long standing Common Law Constitution-parts that remain in full because they cannot be altered by Government alone. They still stand until the people agree to such changes especially the Bill of Rights which makes very clear it may not indeed be changes. .  

In spite of there being two codicils at the end of the Bill of Rights make very clear indeed that no alterations to the Bill may be permitted, the Bill of Rights 1689
 was however, indeed allegedly changed along with the Act of Settlement, the Union with Scotland Act 1706, the Coronation Oath Act 1688, the Princess Sophia’s Precedence Act 1711, the Royal Marriages Act 1772, the Union with Ireland Act 1800, the Accession Declaration Act 1910 and the Regency Act 1937.  All these allegedly changed before the new Royal Baby was born in case it was a girl, perhaps they didn't know we have had a Queen all these years?  However, the changes to our Long standing Common Law Constitution, which many have fought in two World Wars to keep, seemed to be in keeping with the EU's "Equality Act".   Surely no British Politician would try to change nine parts of our Long standing Common Law Constitution that so many gave their lives for, just for the implementation of an Act for foreigners- the EU's Equality Act?   There was absolutely no need to change our Constitution in case the new Royal Baby was a girl-it could have been changes any time after birth of the baby.

As for Magna carta?  It has been said that there are only four clauses left in Magna Carta.  Proof that Magna Carta remains complete is recorded in Hansard, for many are the times clauses have been quoted to prove an argument. I have over a hundred pages printed where Magna Carta has been mentioned-I stopped looking after one hundred.  The last time Clause 61 was used, was by four Lords at the time of The Treaty of NICE-Clause 61 that was allegedly repealed.  Magna Carta is a Treaty and it needs the people’s consent to alter.

I quote (the late) Lord Renton when he said (Lords Hansard 20th July6 2000)  “My Lords, before the noble Lord sits down, perhaps I might mention one point in relation to his fascinating speech.  He suggests that we should amend Magna Carta.  We cannot do that.  Magna Carta was formulated before we ever had a Parliament. All that we can do is to amend that legislation which, in later years when we did have a Parliament, implemented Magna Carta”.

As Magna Carta has been used to either get legislation through, or positively used for other legislation, and only four Clauses are indeed left, then a great deal of important Legislation will have to be gone through again and either changed or deleted along with the acts it was used to back up.  Many Quotes are from the year 2000 and before.

Mr Howarth 26th Oct 1999, Never the less the price that we might pay for that in the United Kingdom is that we would lose some of our Judicial freedoms, some of which go back to Magna Carta. 

Earl Russel 21 July 1999 Column 1078 , "It is the obligation of any British government-and the duty of any King or Queen of England before that-to do justice. That obligation goes back to Magna Carta and to the Coronation Oath.

25th Jan 2000 Column 32 WH  Lord Philips has spoken about the importance of Local Justice as enshrines in Magna Carta.

18th January 2000 Select Committee on EU.  Mr Vaz, "The Magna Carta was a binding contract between the sovereign and the people.

Select Committee 5th June 2000 Mr Papandreou, and Mr Dassin.  "May I add to that?  I do not know of many documents in history that affect the world to come as much as the Magna Carta.  The original paper of the Magna Carta, does it make a difference where it is?  You would not let it go, would you? You would not let it go.

Mr Maxron: Yes.

Mrs Golding. You asked the wrong one there.

And so it does on and on,  Once I had gathered just over a 100 Quotes, I thought it was enough, but obviously there are indeed a great many more for I only touched the surface.   Some affect directly new legislation going through.