Thursday, 8 August 2013



The David Icke Newsletter Goes Out On Sunday

Tens of millions (at least) are already enslaved in a similar bind throughout the Far East and other centres of the sweatshop culture, but now it is moving in big-time on the ‘free and liberal’ West as systematic economic deprivation is instigated to bring the masses to heel.
Zero hours contracts insist that people be available for work without any guarantee that any will be offered and nor are they allowed to work for anyone else while they are on this permanently unpaid ‘standby’; there is no holiday or sick pay; they can’t rent or buy a home because they cannot prove a regular income; and anyone who complains at their treatment is open to be punished by being denied working hours in favour of those who keep their mouth shut.
It is slavery, nothing less.
But governments love it because (a) it is crushing the masses just as their masters demand and (b) it hides the true level of unemployment with zero hour slaves officially counted as working even when they are not.
The Resolution Foundation, which campaigns for those on lower incomes, revealed that people on zero hours contracts are also paid far less for the same work when it is available than those employed full-time – an average of £236 per week compared with £482 ...
...  The movie The Hunger Games symbolised the world as it is planned to be with a small mega-rich living in high-tech luxury in the ‘Capitol’ while the mega-poor masses served their masters from fenced-off ‘sectors’ or districts specialising in different tasks and duties with this status quo perpetuated and protected by a vicious police state. If anyone still can’t see that this where we are heading so fast today they are not paying attention.
The daily slavery and constant expansion of zero hours contracts is a highly significant step along this dark and despicable road.
Waiting for work: As things were and how they want them to be again. For many we are already there.