Friday, 23 August 2013

Ehud Barak is Dr. Strangelove

by Steven Plaut

You may recall that Ehud Barak, who was Prime Minister at the time,  ordered the 2000 unilateral Israeli capitulation to the Hezb'Allah in Lebanon that produced the de facto Hezb'Allah coup that now controls much of Lebanon.  

At the time Barak of course assured everyone that the unilateral capitulation by Israel carried no risks at all of rockets being launched into Israel from Lebanon.    

Israel's Left agreed.  See
Yesterday four rockets were fired into Israel by the terrorists from Lebanon ( and struck the largely American kibbutz of Gesher Haziv in northern Israel (my old youth movement counselor lives there)
Accordingly, please take a look at this image, which sums up Israel's anti-terror policy in Lebanon over the past 13 years: