Thursday, 8 August 2013

      It does not rain in Israel in the summer and by Succot the sidewalks of Israel are knee deep in dog droppings.  All those municipal rules requiring that people pick up after their pets are honored in Israel the usual Israeli way, by ignoring them.  Israel is such a successful place because Israelis have such little respect for rules.  This works well in things like military operations and high-tech development, but it has a cost in the form of sidewalk filth.   When the occasional exceptional law-abiding Israeli (probably someone who speaks with a German accent) is seen running after his or her pet with a scooper and plastic bag, I always like to fantasize about space aliens peering down and concluding that the dogs must be the master species on the planet, having their own servant species running after them and picking up their droppings.
    The news services are reporting that a town in Spain just passed an ordinance that whenever a dog owner fails to pick up the poo left behind by his kocker spaniel, then the city will collect it and deliver it to the home of the owner.   See .  This policy really got me a-thinking!
     I have actually already adopted the idea in the past with regard to those touchy-feely Israeli politicians and journalists and activists demanding that Israel allow all the Eritrean infiltrators to stay in Israel.  My proposal was that the Eritreans be gathered up and transferred to the stairwells or back yards of the Israelis supporting those demands.  Having 30 or 40 Eritreans sleeping in their stairwells would do wonders for the mental health of these people.
     But now it occurs to me that the same principle adopted from the Spanish town could be applied to the question of released terrorists.   Not just the latest batch of 104 mass killers.
     So here is my idea.  Israelis need to set up their own terrorist catching service, a little like dog-catcher departments in US towns.  They would then take any recaptured "Palestinian" terrorist who had been released in any of those grand deals of exchanging murderers for headlines and deliver them to the homes of Israeli cabinet ministers, Knesset members, journalists and leftist activists.  Just like the Spanish town.  The recaptured terrorist would be chained to a pole in the yard of those who had supported their release, or perhaps to the door handle of their home.  The do-good Israelis could adopt them as pets, feed them, take them out for walks, and - yes - carrying with them plastic bags and scoopers, they would clean up after them when they do their "business" in the parks.
   Happy Ellul!