Thursday, 15 August 2013

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Special Dispatch|5408| August 15, 2013

Egyptian Law Professor: U.S. Trying To Instigate Civil War, Chaos In Egypt Through 'Fourth-Generation Warfare'


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Following are excerpts from an interview with Nabil Ahmed Helmy, former dean of law at Zagazig University, Egypt, which aired on Egypt's Channel 1 on August 7, 2013.
TV host: "The statements of Congressmen John McCain and [Lindsey] Graham show that black ideology dwells in the White House." […]
Nabil Ahmed Helmy: "The way I saw it, one of them said that this was a coup that later turned into a revolution, and the other said that this is chaos. It reflects the desire of this administration for the success of what they call "fourth-generation warfare," bringing chaos upon Egypt. This will never happen…"
TV host: "By "fourth-generation warfare," you mean civil war…"
Nabil Ahmed Helmy: "Yes. There have been four generations of warfare. The first was war between countries, between tanks, like Rommel in the desert. Second-generation warfare was guerrilla warfare, and the third was occupation, as in the case of Iraq.
"America invented this so-called "fourth-generation warfare," which involves in-fighting between various groups in society, especially uneducated groups, leading to internal war and division. This is what was thwarted in Egypt, and it has caused unusual political disorder in the U.S." […]
"What is happening in the Middle East today is an attempt to use attrition to make the region surrender. But here is where the attrition has come to an end. [Egypt] is more powerful than a nuclear bomb. It is a giant standing up to America, and it is capable of toppling the U.S. administration." […]
"[Robert] Ford served as U.S. ambassador to Algeria in the days of the civil war there. Then he worked in Iraq, and then in Syria. He is the architect of civil wars. I don't care whether he takes orders from the CIA or not, but he is the architect of civil war and internal unrest. I think it will be extremely dangerous for us to accredit him as ambassador to Egypt." […]
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