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Parents of Muslim schoolgirl served gammon to emigrate

The parents of a Muslim schoolgirl accidentally served gammon by a dinner lady who was then sacked are emigrating to a Muslim country, it emerged yesterday.

                                                          Parents of
                                                          served gammon
                                                          to emigrate
Dinner lady Alison Waldock, 51, was fired for gross misconduct when she mistakenly gave the forbidden food to seven year-old Khadija Darr.  Photo: REX FEATURES
By News agencies
12:12PM BST 02 Aug 2013
The youngster's mother said they were leaving Britain for 'a nice hot Muslim country where the kids know their identities as Muslims.'
Dinner lady Alison Waldock, 51, was fired for gross misconduct when she mistakenly gave the forbidden food to seven year-old Khadija Darr.
Staff spotted the mistake before the pupil ate the meat but her parents complained as they accused Alison of 'not being bothered' by the mistake, which she angrily denies.
She was sacked after 11 years with school meals suppliers Lunchtime UK because of the incident at Queen Edith Primary School in Cambridge.
Zahid Darr, 36, and his wife Rumana, 33, are now leaving Britain with their three children for Sharjah in the UAE where the strict laws of Islam are observed.
Mrs Darr wrote on her Facebook page: "We're leaving the country end of August for good. We're moving to Sharjah.
"We want to go relax in a nice hot Muslim country where the kids know their identities as Muslims."
The move comes a few months after Mr. Darr was found to be illegally working as a company director.
He was banned from holding company directorships after he was caught pocketing over £500,000 owed in tax in 2008 by the Insolvency Service.
His firm Interecruit (UK) went into liquidation after he 'diverted' money owed to the taxman to another of his companies.
The nine-year ban was imposed in February 2011, but in May this year he was found to be operating a similar company named Interecruit (GB) - an agricultural company.
As well as working as a director when disqualified, Mr Darr was found to not be paying his staff the minimum wage and failing to provide holiday pay.
In June his gangmaster's licence - given to those providing workers to the Agricultural industry - was revoked by the licensing authority.
Yesterday no-one was available for comment at the family's £635,000 detached, six-bedroom house in Cambridge.
Former dinner lady Alison meanwhile is working at a fish and chip shop.
She said: "I'm just hoping to clear my name. I wouldn't want my job back - look at the way I've been treated.
"I could not work for that company again and could not be in the school environment. It would be uncomfortable."
Alison said she served the gammon meal after the pupil pointed to it.
She said she had warned the school it was impossible to keep track of the various dietary requirements of the 200 children eating in the canteen.
She suggested that the youngsters wore wristbands indicating what they could eat but the idea was rejected because it could 'lead to segregation'.
Alison bitterly accused the school and the company of not providing enough training.

She said: "We could have had training on this, but they did not do anything. I have not been educated on different religions, I am cooking the food in the kitchen."

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BBC political editor contemplates 'murder' after cockerel call

HE is renowned for keeping his cool as he locks horns with prime ministers and presidents, but the BBC political editor's latest opponent has left him threatening murder.

                                                          Robinson was
                                                          encouraged in
                                                          career by
                                                          Radio 4
                                                          Brian Redhead,
                                                          who was the
                                                          father of
                                                          best friend,
Nick Robinson, political editor at the BBC Photo: BBC
By Claire Carter
3:00PM BST 04 Aug 2013
Nick Robinson issued the warning after the tranquility of his rural cottage by the sea, bought four years ago for his family to escape from their busy lives in north London, was shattered by a cockerel crowing at dawn.
He took to Twitter to say: “Awoke contemplating murder - the Suffolk countryside isn't big enough for me and the ------- cockerel who sat outside my window at 5am.”
It has led to claims that Mr Robinson doesn't understand life in the country as cockerels have been part of the village for decades.
But he has now insisted his words were those of a “grumpy middle aged man” and said he loves life away from a big city.
He told The Telegraph: “I have never and would never dream of complaining about what makes the countryside such an escape - the sights and sounds are natural and not man made.

“News, like life here, is obviously gloriously slow.”