Wednesday, 14 August 2013

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main headlineBritish women's cocaine arrest underlines Ibiza drug threat
Melissa Reid and Michaella Connolly may have been recruited as 'mules' by island's drug gangs
Can Germany lead eurozone out of double-dip recession?
Official figures show strong growth for German economy, while France is out of recession
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main headlineTen Things You Need to Know Today: Wednesday 14 Aug 2013
Cairo: 15 killed as protesters 'cleared', Politicians 'pocket spinster's cash', Palestinians freed before peace talks...
Japanese city finally gets rid of painful reminder of tsunami
City of Kesennuma signs deal to have fishing boat flung 750m from the ocean removed
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main headlineThe Business: company news and financial talking points
Two tweets add $17bn to Apple, UK cost-of-living warning...
The spinster nurse, the £500k and a stink over party funding
The misuse of nurse Joan Edwards's bequest is just part of the story as all three parties' dodgy donations are disclosed
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main headlineCairo: 'dozens dead' as Egyptian army clears pro-Morsi camps
Teargas, bulldozers and live ammunition used as military move in after weeks of protest
Adventure game Brothers is an enchanting adult fairy tale
Emotionally powerful and visually sumptuous, this rare video game will warm and wrench your heart
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