Thursday, 15 August 2013

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main headlineDemocracy endangered by Egyptian army's bloody assault
Threat of civil war after yesterday's crackdown would chiefly benefit terrorists like al-Qaeda
Universities compete for talent as students get A-Level results
The pass-rate is expected to remain stable, but anyone with ABB can try and upgrade their course
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main headlineTen Things You Need to Know Today: Thursday 15 Aug 2013
Bloodshed in Egypt brings world outcry, Manning apologises over WikiLeaks, Olympics James Bond stuntman killed...
Mervyn King's goodbye gifts and gatherings cost £25,000
Leaving presents for departing Bank of England boss included £10,000 portrait and a £2,500 bust of Goethe
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main headlineThe Business: company news and financial talking points
Will Carney have to relaunch QE? Plus: Two charged over London Whale trading scandal...
London Games 'James Bond' stuntman killed in Alps jump
Mark Sutton, who parachuted into the Olympic Stadium, dies while wing-diving in Switzerland
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main headlineKick-Ass 2: 'moronic' sequel gets kicking from film critics
Graphic violence makes Kick-Ass sequel 'less comic and more distasteful' than the first movie
Pirandello's Liola gets an Irish twist at National Theatre
Sicilian comedy with Irish cast and gypsy musicians 'shimmers with heat and enchantment'
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