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The Fables of Saeb Erakat  

Few have mastered the art of dissimilitude more than long time Palestinian Arab spokesman, Saeb Erakat
By Victor Sharpe  Thursday, August 22, 2013
I wrote an article once titled: Lies, Damned lies, and Palestinian Propaganda in Descending Order. That title paraphrased 19th century British Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli’s aphorism: Lies, damned lies, and statistics in descending order.
Few have mastered the art of dissimilitude more than long time Palestinian Arab spokesman, Saeb Erakat, who continues to be taken seriously by the ever gullible western media.
Now, according to a report by Elad Benari in the August 21,2013 edition of Israel National News, Erakat has baldly stated that, “the U.S. had assured the PA in writing that talks would recognize the indefensible pre-1967 borders (they are in reality the armistice lines) as the basis of a Palestinian state, would deal with all core issues (Jerusalem, refugees, borders, security and water), would take place within six to nine months, and would not allow for any interim solutions before a final status agreement is signed.”
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Ketzaleh Calls for Bennett’s Removal  

I agree that this process is leading to “constructive unilateralism” or “convergence”. As I pointed out, the referendum law doesn’t apply when we are ceding land in J&S. The question is are we better off if Bayit Yehudi stays in the government or leaves? If not Bennett, who? I like the thought of negotiating with Shas and UTJ for their includsion in the government.  They would have to agree with keeping all of J&S and the government would have to agree to restore some of their financing. Ted Belman
Former National Union chairman says current leader is complicit in impending eviction of 8 communities.
Ketzaleh and Bennett in better times
Israel news photo: Flash 90
Former Knesset member and ex-chairman of the National Union party Yaakov Katz (Ketzaleh) is calling on the Bayit Yehudi MKs to immediately depose the chairman of the religious-Zionist party, Economics Minister Naftali Bennett. Katz says Bennett knows that the current “peace talks” are rigged to lead to the eviction and demolition of eight Jewish communities around Shechem. 
Katz says Bennett is complicit in the impending demolition because he is staying in the Coalition, rather than leaving it now. 

Israel’s UN Ambassador Says Ban Ki-moon’s ‘Blatant Denial’ of UN Anti-Israel Bias ‘Is No Recipe for Change’  

Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Ron Prosor, responded sharply to comments made recently by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon in which he denied that there was an endemic anti-Israel bias problem at the UN.
“Blatant denial is no recipe for change,” said the Ambassador in an email to The Algemeiner, adding, “This bias will continue as long as it is not acknowledged and dealt with at the highest echelons of the UN.”
“It doesn’t take the investigative skills of Agatha Christie to deduce that there’s bias against Israel at the United Nations,” he said.
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Scandinavian Rape, Scandinavian Blinders  

By Bruce Bawer, FPM
rpThe Norwegian Royal Palace, located in the heart of Oslo, is surrounded by a pleasant little park called Slottsparken. It contains lawns, flower beds, and a rippling brook spanned by a footbridge. Behind the Palace is a small cabin where members of the palace guard spend their down time napping and watching TV.
A less charming feature of the park is that it’s also been the setting of several rapes – no fewer than five of them between June and October of 2011 alone. Things got so bad that the Radisson Hotel – which is just across the street from the park, a minute’s walk from the Palace – began to provide its guests with rape alarms to wear when going out for a stroll.

Very Good News Israel  

Going the Extra Mile 

So many Israeli innovations and activities are outstanding – not because they are created out of thin air, but because they take an existing concept to a whole new practical level.
Here are some medical examples.  Artificial skin has already been invented.  Some types, known as electronic skin (e-skins), are even sensitive to pressure (i.e. touch). But only scientists at Israel’s Technion have fused resin and gold particles to make a sensor that can detect pressure, temperature and humidity.  Integrated with the current e-skins it can be applied to a prosthetic limb to give the wearer more life-like sensations.  In the same vein, Israelis may not have invented the heart stent, but Israeli biotechs have completely redesigned the original crude devices and extended them for brain and other blockages. Israel’s Allium Medical recently announced that its urinary tract stents are to be distributed in Brazil and now China.
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The Assad regime, like Tehran, crosses “red lines” under cover of Western doubletalk  

By two comments, Israel confirmed Wednesday and Thursday, Aug. 21 and 22, that the Assad regime had used chemical weapons on civilians in the region of Damascus – the first came from Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, who said “The use of chemical weapons by the regime is not a first” and the second from Strategic Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz. The latter reported corroborative intelligence obtained by Israel.
They were referring to the allegations of the use of poison gas by Syrian activists causing up to 1,300 deaths. Wednesday night, Russia and China again saved Bashar Assad from UN Security Council action or even condemnation of his actions.
DEBKAfile’s military sources add: When a chemical warhead is fired at any point on the globe, it is picked up at once by US monitoring devices.
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Lapid and Bennett, time for a divorce  

Activists Yehuda Eliyahu and Betzalel Smotrich have issued a public call to the Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home) party to break itsties to Yesh Atid.
The two activists, who head theRegavim NGO, published a letter to Bayit Yehudi saying, “It’s time to wake up, the concept of an agreement with Yesh Atid has totally collapsed.”
From the letter:
    Dear friends, we are lost. The time has come to wake up, and better late than never.

    The partnership with Lapid was never something natural. We abandoned our natural partners and friends for someone different – in beliefs, in worldview, and in behavior. We thought, apparently, that if we were smart, we would get something good about it, and maybe even ‘convert’ Lapid and bring him to our side.
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Ted Belman
Jerusalem, Israel