Saturday, 24 August 2013

“We will hurt whoever tries to hurt us”


Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu responds to the rockets fired in the north earlier today in a speech addressing the incident and warning the attackers.

Aug 22, 2013, 07:00PM | Ariel Ben-Moshe
A short while after the rockets were fired into the Western Galilee from Lebanon, the prime minister issued a warning: “They should know that anyone that hits Israel or tries to hurt us- we will hurt them back”.
“Rockets were fired from Lebanon to the Western Galilee,” started Netanyahu in a special speech regarding the incident in the North. “We are working on all fronts- the north and the south, in order to protect the Israeli citizens from these kinds of attacks”. 
Netanyahu- "We are doing everything we can" Photography: Public Relations
He added that, “We are employing various techniques: protection ones and prevention ones, but we are acting responsibly.” He said that Israel’s policy is clear: “To protect and prevent.” Netanyahu continued on to address the reports of chemical weapon use in Syria- “This raises the possibility of the Syrian police force committing a serious and tragic crime against its own citizens. This crime is added onto the serious crimes the Syrian regime has committed in cooperation with Iran and the Hezbollah against the Syrian people”. 
Where the rockets hit earlier today; Western Galilee
Where the rockets hit earlier today; Western Galilee Photography: Channel 2 News
According to the Prime Minister, “It is absurd that the U.N investigators, that are currently in Damascus investigating the possible use of chemical weapons, are stopped by the Syrian regime from reaching the stricken areas. It must be understood that Syria is Iran’s testing ground. Iran is tracking the world’s responses to the criminal actions of Syria and the Hezbollah. These recent events just further prove that the most dangerous regimes in the world can and should not have the most dangerous weapons in the world”.