Thursday, 15 August 2013

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Beloved Sky News Cameraman Killed in Egypt Violence

Israel-based Mick Deane was shot to death in the horrific Cairo clash between Egyptian security forces and Muslim Brotherhood supporters.

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World Media Downplayed Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Gunfire

TV Coverage Highlighted Military Response to Cairo Violence

Egypt's military was provoked and attacked. But Islamist-sympathizing media outlets only showed one side of the story--the side of the Muslim Brotherhood, with which the Obama administration has aligned and on which it has based its entire, utterly failed Middle East policy. 


Icahn Says Apple 'Undervalued,' Bigger Buyback Could Push Shares to $700

Carl Icahn is again making news in the tech sector. He owns a lot of Apple stock and would like the company to increase its buyback plan.

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China Conducts Third Test of Road-Mobile ICBM

China conducted its third test of a long-range, road-mobile ballistic missile capable of attacking the United States with nuclear warheads.

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