Thursday, 15 August 2013

Wind farm firm that won £4.5m is a major donor to Tories

'Offshore Group Newcastle (OGN) will be given money from the Business Department’s Regional Growth Fund to build a new plant to produce steel foundations for wind turbine generators.
The grant was announced by the department in October 2012. The Regional Growth Fund was at the time overseen by Mark Prisk, a Conservative minister.
Electoral Commission records show that in the eight months before the grant was announced, OGN and one of its directors, Alexander Temerko, made donations totalling £49,905 to the Conservative Party. In the year that followed the grant, Mr Temerko and his company donated a further £298,250 to the party.
A Tory source insisted the events were unconnected, saying: “The Regional Growth Fund is doing a lot of investment in the North East.”'


The £170bn secret raid on your savings: How keeping rates at a record low is a deliberate government ploy to pay off its debts

'A stealth raid by the Bank of England has stripped savers of more than £170billion, a Money Mail investigation can reveal. By slashing the base rate to a record low of 0.5 per cent and allowing the cost of living to soar for more than four years, the Bank has whittled away the value of cash sitting in High Street accounts through a ‘secret tax’.
And it is not just savers who have effectively had their money pinched. Anyone who has a fixed monthly income, such as pensioners, or has had a tiny pay rise, has also lost out.'