Thursday, 11 February 2010

Yet again, the truther MEP, Nigel Farage, speaks some hard truths at the EU. 

He warns of the collapse of the Euro. 

He also points out the Communist backgrounds of the main players in the so called democratic union. 

We should use the term democratic in the loosest possible sense when talking about it in conjuction with the EU, because when the people dont return the vote that the EU is looking for, they just choose to ignore the masses and have ppl vote all over again until the result is the one they are after.

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UKIP stands firm on Greece rescue

Thursday, 11th February 2010

UKIP has demanded that Gordon Brown must not donate UK taxpayers' hard-earned cash for somebody else's failed polticial project in Greece. More

EU hyprocisy rules over Guantanamo

Tuesday, 9th February 2010

UKIP MEP Mike Nattrass today accused the European Commission and Parliament of 'breathtaking hypocrisy' as a statement on the closure of Guantanamo was presented to the Parliament by the Commission. More

Farage pledges referendum test for Dave

Monday, 8th February 2010

David Cameron today has said: "Any petition with a million signatures will allow members of the public to table a Bill that could end up being debated and voted on by MPs." More

Pubs Minister 'a travesty', says Bloom

Monday, 8th February 2010

THE Government's appointment of a Minister for Pubs has been blasted by UKIP as too little too late. More

Batten joins call to block Ashton

Monday, 8th February 2010

EURO MPs will vote tomorrow (Tuesday) on whether to accept the proposed new EU Commissioners including Baroness Cathy Ashton as EU Foreign Affairs supremo. More

Parliamentary Reform: It's not so hard

Saturday, 6th February 2010

Ever since the Parliamentary expense scandal broke last year, demands for comprehensive reform have grown. More

Trio of mayors defect to UKIP

Friday, 5th February 2010

Further proof that UKIP is on the up in the North West and gaining support from all quarters has been amply demonstrated in Congleton with three former local mayors defecting to UKIP. More

Nigel welcomes Cameron call on Speaker

Friday, 5th February 2010

UKIP's candidate for Buckingham, Nigel Farage, has welcomed the Tory Party's call to back his opponent, John Bercow, in the upcoming general election. More

Marta letter to David Cameron

Thursday, 4th February 2010

Marta Andreasen today challenged David Cameron to come clean about what he plans to do to defend British justice. More

UKIP appeals to Supreme Court

Thursday, 4th February 2010

UKIP has won leave to appeal to the Supreme Court over an earlier decision to allow an Electoral Commission forfeit on the Party for accepting donations from a donor whose name was inadvertently left off the electoral role. More

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UKIP MEPs in European Parliament this week

Thursday, 11th February 2010

UKIP MEPs were busy in Strasbourg this week, speaking to a range of topics from the Greek economic crisis to the rise of terrorism under communism. More