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European Union Directives,Regulations and Laws.
D'Angelo Law Library Blog: One-Stop Shopping for EU Law
By Lyonette Louis-Jacques
It includes descriptions of EU decision-making processes and links, via Eur-Lex, to related lawdocuments -treaties, case-law, regulations, directives, decisions, opinions, and recommendations. In addition, the Portal links to the N-Lex ...
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leads Europe in the interpretation of the EU Computer Software directive. The court will now refer its judgment to the European Court of Justice for that court to confirm its interpretation of the directiveat European level. ... European Court of Justice: The European Court of Justice ('ECJ') is the highest court of the European Union in matters of European Union Law. It is not possible to appeal the decisions of national courts to the ECJ, but ...
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The issue of sovereignty | John Redwood
By John Redwood
That is why many of us are alarmed by the avalanche of new legislation the EU is still planning, on top of the many rules, regulations, directives and legal requirements they have already spawned. Ministers tell us they will concede no more powers. However,any new law can widen the range of EUpower. The larger the EU, the more majority voting there is the less able any given country is to govern itself in all those areas where the EU holds sway. ...
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EU Law in Ireland - Clarus Press - Catalogue
There is a rapid increase in the amount of case law on EU law in the Irish ... and a large increase inEuropean Union Regulations, Directives in Irish law. ...