Saturday, 30 April 2011

John Loeffler Steel on Steel; Joint Survival in the Middle East: Israel and Christianity; Christians in Islamic countries tied to Israel survival.


Joint Survival in the Middle East: Israel and Christianity

We're speaking this weekend at the Worldview Weekend conference in Branson, Missouri, so we've prepped a pre-recorded program for you.

With the resurgence of hard-core Islam, Christians are under intense pressure in Islamic countries. Many anti-Israel Christian denominations don't seem to realize the fate of their brethren in Islamic countries is tied directly to Israel's survival. Israel is the only country in the region where the number of Christians is increasing dramatically instead of decreasing. Journalist Giulio Meotti writes on these subjects for /Il Foglio/ and the /Wall Street Journal./ He joins us from his home near Florence, Italy.

As the perfect energy storm approaches, the U.S. continues to paint itself into a crisis by eliminating access to fuel sources we already have while promising the immediate production of fuel sources which will take years to produce. It borders on the insane. Andrew Morris is a law professor at Alabama State university and author of /The False Promise of Green Energy/.

John's boralogue examines the flying wedge of discrepancy between statements by politicians about the economy versus what is really happening.

At the end of the program, we'll run more clips from John's class on creative and critical thinking.