Saturday, 19 November 2011

John Loeffler Steel on Steel-transforming Crisis into Transnational Technocracies-John Fonte Sovereignty or Submission:-Carl Teichrib explains Europe

Transforming Crisis into Transnational Technocracies

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


As economic protests rage around the world, protestors don’t seem to notice their complaints are being ignored as new paradigm changes under way driven by the same elites that got them into their problems in the first place.

The new forms of government are transnational socialist technocracies where we will be ruled by hoards of faceless, unelected bureaucrats in all areas of life. New rights are promised and old rights are being allowed to die. Two guests joins us today to discuss this.

First John Fonte from the Hudson Institute ( is author of the book, “Sovereignty or Submission: Will Americans Rule Themselves or be Rule by Others?”

Then Carl Teichrib ( rejoins to explain the emerging technocracy in Europe and what this means for that continent and the United States.

John’s extended boralogue reflects on the attitudes of the first Pilgrims and how their attitudes can get us through the turbulent changes of this decade.

False Analogy _ drawing a comparison between things that are similar in trivial ways, but not at all pertaining to the argument being made.


“People entering the workforce today are like nails; they can hold your company together only if you hit them on the head first.”

This fallacy often shows up in the form of an outlandish word picture intended to evoke an emotional response. Logically, the wordplay doesn’t make sense especially if a point is being made.

The power of analogy is to simplify a premise by drawing a comparison to an object, person or scenario. The error of false analogy is in twisting the semantics to arrive at a different meaning. Even more dangerous is one in which the argument produces a purely emotional result.

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