Sunday, 13 November 2011

Tamar Yonah talks with I.Q.Rassooli

Arab Scholar

ref claim on Jerusalem

a misconstruction at best


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Pat Condell at insightful and accurate as ever:
"Goodbye Sweden" (hello Islam)

Once again please do hear Pat Condell at his sharp and brilliant best; this time describing how rape (especially when accompanied with violence) was virtually unheard of in Sweden before the days of mass immigration - you guessed it - from Muslim majority countries, where men are trained from birth to consider all women fair game to assault and abuse unless (and even if) they’re fully covered up, hidden away imprisoned at home and constantly supervised to “protect” them from, er, Muslim men.

But, unlike in neighbouring Norway, the Swedish authorities try keeping these facts a secret; their priority is defending the “good name of Islam” instead of protecting their own people from harm!

Meanwhile, in a criminal court in the Netherlands, they try (but still fail) to defend Islam (the indefensible) be dismissing virtually all witnesses and disallowing the truth itself!

The Middle East Problem;
What's caused it and can it ever be solved?

Q. Why is there a "problem" in the Middle East?
A. Because the vast majority of Arabs (and many other people in the world who have been persuaded by them) would like to destroy a tiny country and if possible somehow make all the non-Muslim people living there (i.e. about 80% of its population) somehow disappear. The problem is the country has a perfectly valid right to exist and the people living there are fairly determined not to just disappear!

Q. Can this "problem" be solved?
A. Yes, but not until the Arabs of the Middle East start accepting the reality and truth of the situation as well as back down from their murderous and unreasonable goals of trying to destroy a perfectly valid (though rather small) neighbouring state that happens to have people living in it.

Yet another political show-case "blasphemy" trial:
Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff in Austria

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff has been charged with "hate speech" for telling the truth about Islam in Austria.

The appeal "Elisabeth's Voice" has been launched to aid her legal defense.

Please watch the movie and, if you require further information, you can read several informative articles such as Lawfare in Austria: Is Truth Illegal?(on the Hudson-NY) and also mirrored on vladtepesblog.

Please do all you can to SUPPORT Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff and make sure she is neither silenced nor forgotten.

Islam – Taking over the streets of France;