Friday, 21 June 2013

Another small, but significant, indication from the well-known Norman Scarth, about the way our Judges and Law Courts are 'going the wrong way'!
For those who don't know him, Norman is an 86 year ex-sailor and Atlantic Convoy man, a 'one-man' army fighting the entire English legal system - on his own! He is constantly warning us and pointing out all the anomalies, twists and turns, that the English Courts are now using to degrade and debase our once revered Legal System. It is slowly being systematically wrecked - not from without, but from within. (Part of the Grand Plan, maybe?)
I am leaving on his e-mail, in case you may wish to contact him - perhaps with some news, or information of your own?


3 words wipe out ALL our rights!

This is frivolous, vexatious, an abuse of process of law'. 

Without doubt things are getting worse in the British Courts. 
Judges have hit upon JUST THREE WORDS by which they can wipe out all the rights for which millions 
of men gave their lives in two world wars: The right to seek a non-violent remedy for a wrong.
If not remedied elsewhere, it has always been an inalienable right to seek that remedy in a court of law, either in a civil court, or by means of a private prosecution in a magistrates’' court. 
Those who are wealthy can instruct a lawyer. Those who are not must act as a Litigant In Person.  Unfortunately, the endemic hostility of lawyers towards the LIP does not disappear when the lawyer swears the Judicial Oath: It increases, as does the power to indulge it. 
'TOTALLY WITHOUT MERIT' are the words which are increasingly being used against the LIP by judges, acting in breach of their judicial oaths. 
The judiciary not only control the courts, but think they OWN them, regarding the LIP as a trespasser, to be repulsed at all costs.
They use the words as a weapon to defend their fortress, ESPECIALLY against a case which might bring discredit to what purport to be 'the Forces of Law & Order'.
The new words seems to have taken over from (& work better than) the words previously used by lawyers when facing a LIP,'This is frivolous, vexatious, an abuse of process of law'. 
Now, as then, the stronger the case, the more the words would be used.  
Norman Scarth.
PS:  So often did I hear those words in the past (either my own cases or when acting as McKenzie Friend), I used them in a little ditty for a Gilbert & Sullivan type song & dance.  
Yes, I do like to bring a little humour in now & again, though, sadly, the situation is not at all funny.  NS.