Friday, 21 June 2013

 Daily Crux reader, 

Here is your Crux update: 

One of the most powerful posts on the NSA spying scandal you'll read anywhere 
"There are weeks that change the course of human history..."

What the selloff could mean for gold and silver now 
"First, the bad news... The selling is likely not over..."

Warning: This important country could be approaching a "Lehman" moment 
"Counterparty mistrust is beginning to reach extreme levels..."

You will not believe how much money the U.S. government is going to literally throw away 
"What's $7 billion when you can always just turn on the taxpayer spigot?"

It gets worse: Congress is now organizing another serious attack on your health freedom 
"This bill could spell disastrous consequences for your health..."

The real reason health care costs are so high in America 
"Three things are very wrong with our current system..."

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Why 99% of people are totally unprepared for a REAL crisis in America 
There's one critical fact even the most well-prepared individuals almost always overlook. 

What the latest report from Caterpillar could be saying about the economy now 
"Moments ago, CAT released its May 2013 dealer statistics..."

SELLOFF: Stocks, bonds, and commodities crushed... Interest rates soar most since 2011 
"If the Fed is right... it's likely bond yields will continue to rise..."


Justin Brill
Managing Editor, The Daily Crux