Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Daily Crux reader, 

Here is your Crux update: 

These gold stocks could be in serious trouble 
"The junior resource sector is struggling..."

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Why you should look at "Line Item 12" of Michelle Obama's tax returns 
Look at the astonishing numbers Michelle is posting to her tax returns. She's taking in more per month, on average, than most Americans make in a year.

What's more, this lucrative income stream is sponsored by a completely PRIVATE source.

Controversial post: Every time this happens, the stock market crashes 
"What do 1929, 2000, and 2007 all have in common?"

Doc Eifrig: Dramatically reduce your medicals bills with one simple step 
"Doctors are notorious for overprescribing..."

FARM BILL: Shocking details on the government's latest $1 trillion boondoggle 
"This bill is so bad, it's so bloated, some things are beyond redemption..."

What history says about Ben Bernanke and the "end of QE" 
"The 'taper' is nothing new..."

Must-read: The most important takeaway from Washington's outrageous "scandal after scandal" 
"Once sacred principles are obsolete..."

Obama's recent comments suggest interest rates could soar this year 
"Did President Obama just give the signal to short the bond market?"

What gold company insiders are doing with their own money now 
"Our indicators are off the charts..."


Justin Brill
Managing Editor, The Daily Crux