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      Have you heard of  Codex Alimentarius? 21st  Feb 2009. updated 20.6.2013

Before I had a computer I used to go almost every day to the top floor of my local University where the European Union’s Documentation Centre was, to delve among the bound Books that held EU Directives and debates from the European Parliament.   It was during that time that I first came across “Novel Foods”.  Something new and unexpected, for I certainly had never heard of it before, and ‘flipping’ through the pages I saw the paragraph in the Official Journal of the EC (16.9.97 L 253/13) beneath the heading, “The Ability of the GMM to survive in and colonise the human gut” with the passage underneath “The genetic modification might facilitate survival during passage through the intestines and colonization of the human gut. Antagonistic and synergistic effects on the composition of the intestinal flora may occur and have an influence on human health.  Therefore experimental data are required on the respective properties of the GMO”.   I was hooked.  And that was my introduction to Genetic Modification and to eventually going round talking to the ladies at local Women Institutes and from what I had read at that time (1997) to get them as involved as I was in writing letters about the forth coming GMO’s in food.

What made me so angry at that time was when I read (28.4.97 C 132/30) that a GM maize had been passed in the EU Parliament, even though 13 out of 15 opposed the placing on the market of a maize, which read, “whereas large scale use of the Bt (Bacillus Thuringiensis) toxin raises environmental concerns”.  And also, “and the conclusions of the Scientific Committee for Food on the risks of transmission to man of a tracer gene resistant to antibiotics.” I understand there are still concerns even now. Perhaps it may bring an understanding to you, why, not only do I not trust anything that contains GMO’s in food now, I most certainly do not trust the people that place these goods on the market for innocent children to eat or drink.  No, I will never forgive them for what they are doing.
I had to find out more.  What else were we not being told?  What is in the ordinary glass of milk we give our children?  Is it from cows that have been injected with rBGH? I was learning fast.  Animals treated with the hormone are allegedly subjected to stress.  For about 12 weeks after calving, a cow produces milk. During this process, the cow loses weight, is infertile and is more susceptible to diseases. As the milk output diminishes, the cow's body begins to recover. By injecting a cow with rBGH, (To the best of my knowledge, not here in the UK.) a farmer extends this milching period by eight to 12 weeks. Even as these hormone injections substantially increase the cow's milk output, they also make her more susceptible to disease. The cows can suffer from mastitis. But hey, they are only cows.
I read in the Daily Mail, written by Sean Poulter 3.7.2006, Front Page headlines “Alarm over Beef imports” and headed on page 6 “Cancer fears over super-sized beef cattle.” “Fears about eating beef from cattle pumped up with growth hormones”.  Sean Poulter wrote that, John Verrall, a member of a government advisory committee, said there is alarming evidence it can trigger breast and other cancers. Mr Verrill was concerned that he defied an official attempt to gag him. (Good for him). The EU currently bans the use of Growth hormones that was in 2006, so what is it NOW?
The US cattle industry started using hormones to enhance beef production in 1956 but it was in the 1970s US food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved six hormone growth promotants (HGPs).  These included three naturally occurring hormones and three synthetically prepared hormones.  So far, as I understand it, none of these are allowed in the UK or EU.  The question I would ask, does cooking kill off the hormones?  Does eating “RARE” steak kill off the hormone?  Do you eat beef or veal when on holiday there?  The Americans certainly like and enjoy their meat. Wow! Do they?  Have you seen the portions they have in restaurants?  Is imported meat tested for hormones from across the duck pond from South of the American border? 
I now come to something that frightens the life out of me, “Codex Alimentarius” which literary translated from Latin means, “Food Code.  Sometimes just simply, “Codex” is used but that is the only thing that is “simple”.  This time we are looking at a kind of ‘World Government’ because we are looking at the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations (UN) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) for they created Codex Alimentarius in 1963.  There are about 168 member Countries representing 97 percent of the world. “He who controls the food supply and what we eat, rules the world yes?” The WTO has allegedly mechanisms in place to override any national law that interferes, but we already knew that because we do not control our food now, do we? We passed that responsibility on to the EU and they in turn come under the WTO. And yes GMO’s play a very important part in it.  Ah yes, and food irradiation, even organic food to be irradiated.  The regulations allow any food to be irradiated at any dose, without regard to health implications. (Grow your own and start now)

Certain beneficial nutrients will be allowed on a positive list such as the delicious, delectable Fluoride, and how I wish all of you would ask for an analysis of the make up of fluoride. You really should know-for is it coming to YOU any time soon if it isn’t with you already.

These organisations are in control of everything we eat and drink, and I believe the aim is all food must be GMO eventually. Is all this permanent?  The Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) reach their final approval (after an eight-step process) they then become binding on all GATT-signatories.  (The end of 2009 seems to be ‘significant’). Thereafter no Gatt Signatory Country may use as a trade barrier any standard or guideline that disagrees with a Codex guideline or standard.  And you thought we had joined a Common Market for trade? Did our Government ask us if WE wanted the EU to pass on the responsibility of our food on to the WTO/UN/FAO?  If so, WHEN?

While much concern for a great many people comes from additives, supplements, vitamins etc, ‘it’ not only ignores the people for it certainly does not rely on “Community involvement” for its decisions are made by governmental appointees and you will not be surprised by this, “behind closed doors”.  In the early 1990s, Codex began to look at harmonising standards for food supplements.  Remember 2002 and the proposed re-classifying of pharmaceutical drugs? The hand wringing worrying times for the Heath Food shops?

How could we not have heard more about “Codex Alimentarius” before now? It has been mentioned in our Parliament for The European Scrutiny Ninth Report looked at COM (01) 287 and although found ‘politically important’ was ‘cleared’ with the Conclusion, “Although the Government’s original Explanatory Memorandum of 5th July 2001 implied that the concerns over influence related to consumers generally rather than simply to those in the UK, we have noted the views expressed in the consultation exercise.  We have also noted the present position on subsidiarity, and, as a result, we are now clearing the document.”  Well that’s all right then isn’t it?  What a farce! It would not have mattered one jot how many people objected, it was a done deal already and our own Parliament and Government is powerless to do anything about it.  (Still sovereign are they? Ha, Bosh!).

 On Farming Today (19.2.2009) it was said that farmers are finding it difficult to buy non-GM feed for poultry and cattle, plus it is a little dearer too, so they might have to decide to buy GM feed.  My response to that was, “There are many people like me that go out of their way to go to shops or outlets that only sell British Meat and poultry, because we believe it to be the best, the freshest and to support our own farmers. If those British farmers are going to use GM feed there is no point in any of us insisting on buying BRITISH any more. Didn't that "Charles” in the interview understand that? We might just as well go for the cheapest whereever it comes from. It will be the PRODUCERS of GM feed that will have won and make all the profit, and when there is no GM FREE FEED left because farmers are not buying it any more, the cost of GM feed can go as high as the producers of GM feed decide and want. The farmers and people will then have to pay the piper exactly what they decide to charge for it is the producers that are playing the tune and will be for ever more”.

Not that I want to put you off writing but when the dietary supplements went through the EU Parliament more than 550 million e-mails flooded in to the EU Parliament, it still went through.  That sure is some democracy eh? 

Sick of writing letters to MP’s?  One quote I (almost) came across, “Remember, politicians do not always at first ‘see the light’, but by Hell, you can make ‘em feel the heat, and the tragic loneliness of being out of a job”.  Make it happen.  I write this now because in one paper I looked at it said, “All advice on nutrition (Including written on line or journal articles or oral advice to a friend, family member or anyone) will be illegal.  This includes reports on vitamins and minerals and all nutritionist’s consultations.”  What a load of rubbish! Who would believe THAT?  But then, sadly, I remember and I look at what is happening in our Britain of “today”.   Anne Palmer

Our Environment Minister, Owen Paterson. How does growing GM crops help the Environment you are presently in charge of?

 From the frantic debates still ongoing regarding this subject in the EU Parliament,  have you Mr Patterson, decided that the people of this Country should be the ones to be experimented on by eating food that has been genetically engineered?  See Recent GMO' disasters?

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Would you risk this on your children?

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If Genetically Engineered food is that good, why is it not labelled as such? So that we can choose to buy it? Organic food is labelled or sold separately so that we can CHOOSE to buy it so why isn't GM Food? 

You say, "No case of ill effects on humans from GM crops has been recorded".  Google in 'Death caused by Genetically Modified Food', and Deaths from GM foods, and how about, "Insects and animals death from GM crops"

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Dawn Primarolo: The Codex Alimentarius Commission was created in 1963 by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) to develop food standards, guidelines and related texts such as codes of practice under the Joint FAO/WHO Food Standards Programme. The Codex Alimentarius standards are used as a reference point for consumers, food producers and processors, national food control agencies and the international food trade.
The Codex Alimentarius is not part of the regulatory framework for medicinal products and has not therefore been taken into consideration when regulating natural, herbal and homeopathic medicinal products. However, certain excipients in medicines, such as colourings, are covered by food standards which are taken into account by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency before allowing their use in medicinal products in the United Kingdom.

EC Accession to Codex Alimentarious

Trying to get updated information  for you, I was warned off!!! I have never had that happen before.  Threat to disconnect!  A

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The 6th July 2011  The European Parliament yesterday (5 July) backed plans to let member states choose whether to ban the cultivation of genetically-modified (GM) crops on their territory, giving a detailed list of grounds on which such bans could be imposed.
The House voted on Tuesday (5 July) to amend European Commission proposals for an EU regulation that would allow member states to restrict or ban the cultivation on their territory of GM crops, which have been given safety approval at EU level. All on
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