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June 21, 2013

MEMRI TV Weekly - Australian Islamist: Pentagon Legitimate Target; Egyptian Judge Threatens Ethiopia With Military Action; Egyptian Journalist: Morsi Refused To Visit A Single Church; Fmr Egyptian Islamic Jihad Leader: MB Fascist Moronic Amateurs



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The following are MEMRI TV clips released this past week. To view the clips and read the transcripts, click on the link below the excerpt from each clip. The clips can easily be shared to social media from the MEMRI TV website using the "share" button.
MEMRI TV Clip No. 3851

Australian Islamist Musa Cerantonio: Pentagon A Legitimate Target; Islam Of Muslims More Dear Than That Of Western Victims

Following are excerpts from a lecture by Australian Islamist Musa Cerantonio which was posted on the Internet on April 29, 2013:
Musa Cerantonio: "The military headquarters of the U.S.A. is in the Pentagon. In Islam, if a plane happened to fly into the Pentagon – would they be considered innocent or not? They are not innocent. These are the ones who plan the wars on Islam. Yet you find Muslims responding by saying that 9/11 was forbidden. Ask yourselves. I am only giving you what Islam says. I'm not saying anything. Ask yourselves. Forget their financial center [The World Trade Center], which, according to many scholars, is also a permissible target. As for the one [attack] on the Pentagon – even if a Muslim happened to be there that day – is it now forbidden?" [...]

MEMRI TV Clip No. 3870

Senior Egyptian Judge Ahmed Al-Zind Threatens Ethiopia With Military Action Over Blue Nile Dam

Following are excerpts from a public address delivered by Ahmed Al-Zind, president of Egypt's Judges Club, which was posed on the Internet on June 3, 2013:
Ahmed Al-Zind: "I call upon all Egyptians, from all the camps, to unite around Egypt. We must unite. The politicians have begun to use all political means to save us from the danger [of the Ethiopian dam], but I call upon our heroic armed forces to be fully prepared. Anybody who cuts us off from our water supply and leaves us thirsty – we must not let him taste life." [...] 

MEMRI TV Clip No. 3869

Egyptian Journalist Mohamed Hassanein Heikal: President Morsi Refused To Visit A Single Church

Following are excerpts from an interview with Egyptian journalist Mohamed Hassanein Heikal, which aired on CBC TV on April 12, 2013:
Mohamed Hassanein Heikal: "When they say that Islam is both a religion and a political system, when they show the Muslim Brotherhood logo, with the sword and everything... I would be an idiot not to worry. So I think that many Muslims are worried, despite their devotion to Islam." [...]
"When an Islamic president came to power, I expected him to make more of an effort than his secular predecessors to reassure his [Christian] compatriots, but..."
Interviewer: "Dr. Morsi has not visited even a single church."

MEMRI TV Clip No. 3877

Former Egyptian Islamic Jihad Leader Nabil Naeem: The Muslim Brotherhood A Bunch Of Fascist Moronic Amateurs

Following are excerpts from interviews with Nabil Naeem, a former leader in the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, which aired on Al-Mayadeen TV on May 30, 2013, and on Al-Arabiya TV on May 31.
Nabil Naeem: "As the former leader of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, and as someone who spent many years in Afghanistan with Dr. Ayman [Al-Zawahiri] in the war against the Russians, I would like to give the following piece of advice to the fighters in Syria: After 15 years of fighting in Afghanistan, the shari'a has not been instated and an Islamic caliphate has not been established. The slogan for which you are being mobilized is false, because you will not instate the shari'a.
"Has the United States donned the veil? Do you really think it will instate the shari'a in Syria? Has Obama converted to Islam? Is he about to establish the caliphate in Syria? You are being used as instruments in their colonialist designs. When the war is over and you are no longer needed, they will do to you what they did to us – you will either be killed or sent back to prison." […]

MEMRI TV Clip No. 3875

FSA General Gives Int'l Community One Month To Provide Anti-Tank, Anti-Aircraft Weapons

Following are excerpts from an interview with Abd Al-Baset Tawila, the commander of the Free Syrian Army's northern front, which aired on the Al-Jazeera network on June 10, 2013:
Interviewer: "There is a lot of talk about advanced weapons, and about the fact that countries are supplying the Free Syrian Army with advanced weapons like anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles." 
Abd Al-Baset Tawila: "That's right. In my opinion, if we were provided with such weapons, we would shorten the timetable set for this country." 
Interviewer: "Who set this timetable?" 
Abd Al-Baset Tawila: "The superpowers." 

MEMRI TV Clip No. 3876

Lebanese Singer-Turned-Islamist Fadl Shaker: I Pray To Be Martyred By Bashar The Pig

Following are excerpts from a Sunni Lebanese Salafist cleric Ahmad Al-Assir, and Lebanese singer-turned-Islamist Fadl Shaker, which aired on Al-Resala TV on June 7, 2013:
Ahmad Al-Assir: "The Syrian people have made a decision: Bashar Al-Assad cannot remain in Syria – even if they have to sacrifice a million martyrs."
Interviewer: "So the revolution will continue, even at the cost of a million martyrs, until that man is toppled?"
Ahmad Al-Assir: "That's right." [...]

MEMRI TV Clip No. 3862

Lebanese Film Director Ziad Doueiri Defends Visit To Israel: Boycott Harms Us, Not Israel

Following are excerpts from an interview with Lebanese film director Ziad Doueiri, which aired on Al-Arabiya TV on May 24, 2013:
621f.jpgInterviewer: "Your movie was filmed in Israel, in Hebrew, with an Israeli actress. Doesn't this contravene Lebanese law?"
Ziad Doueiri: "Technically, it is not against the law to film a movie in Hebrew. What was against the law was my going to Israel, and filming a movie with some Israeli actors. True, that was against the law, but there are more important issues. The question is about the law itself. I went to Israel as a U.S. citizen, on a U.S. passport. Before going, I gave official notification to the military intelligence about this, so they would not think that I was collaborating with Israel behind their backs. I wrote a letter to the military intelligence and sent it through the Information Ministry. I presented myself and said that I planned to go to the occupied land, in order to film a movie in Palestine with some Israeli actors. I told them that I had to do this because the entire plot takes place between Tel Aviv and Nablus." [...]


MEMRI TV Clip No. 3355

Young Nasrallah Wannabe Demonstrates His Mastery Of His Hero's Words And Mannerisms

Following are excerpts from an interview with an Egyptian child, Ashraf Magdi, which aired on Al-Manar TV on February 3, 2012:
622.jpg Ashraf Magdi: "My name is Ashraf Magdi, and I am five and a half years old. I go to kindergarten. I love Sayyid [Hassan Nasrallah] because I love everything about him. I imitate Sayiid Hassan Nasrallah because I love him very much. When I grow up, I want to be like him."

MEMRI TV Clip No. 3733

Lebanese Journalists Come To Blows On Hizbullah TV

Following are excerpts from an Al-Manar TV show between two Lebanese journalists discussing the situation in Syria. The show aired on February 8, 2012.
622a.jpg March 8-affiliated journalist Salem Zaharan: "I know you have a problem bringing first-class guests from the March 14 Alliance, so you end up bringing…"
TV host: "No, he is first-class. You are both first-class guests, and I won’t allow such talk." […]
TV host: "Could you possibly shake hands, so we can start afresh? Go ahead, shake his hand."
Salem Zaharan gets up and extends his hand
March 14-affiliated journalist As’ad Bishara: "No, I won’t. I’m sorry, but I won’t."

MEMRI TV Clip No. 3679

Pro-Assad Syrian Commentator Taleb Ibrahim Calls Opponent 'Ape' And Says: 'My Shoe And My Urine Are More Dignified Than You'

Following are excerpts from a debate between Syrian commentator Taleb Ibrahim and Lebanese MP Khaled Al-Dhaher, which aired on Al-Jadeed/New TV and posted on the Internet on December 16, 2012:
622b.jpg Taleb Ibrahim: "Terrorist crimes are being committed in Syria. These crimes have been denounced by the UN Security Council. Very large terrorist bombings are being carried out in Syria. What is going on is a war against the Syrian state and army. What is driving the people out of their cities? The terrorism. The terrorist gangs, Jabhat Al-Nusra, and the so-called FSA…"
Khaled Al-Dhaher: "It’s your planes..."
Taleb Ibrahim: "Make no mistake, we will strike this terrorism everywhere. All the cities of the world put together are not as precious as a single drop of blood of a Syrian child."

MEMRI TV Clip No. 3626

TV Report On Manufacture Of Explosives For Free Syrian Army

Following are excerpts from a TV report on the manufacture of explosives for the Free Syrian Army, which aired on Al-Jadid/New TV on September 22, 2012.
622c.jpgGuy: "Don't forget the crate."
Basel: "Here is the dynamite and everything you need for an explosion."
Guy: "Allah Akbar."
Title: "Basel – second year student, Institute for Manufacture of Chemical Explosive Devices. Basel, a.k.a. "Abu Ahmad," produces explosive devices and bombs for distribution to Free Syrian Army battalions"
Basel: "We start by preparing the fertilizer by grinding it. This is just a small sample. This is potassium permanganate."
TV Reporter: "Where do you get it from?"
Basel: "From our sources."

MEMRI TV Clip No. 3592

Hizbullah Buries Its Fighters Killed In Syria

Following are excerpts from an announcement posted on the Internet and an Al-Manar TV report on the burial of Hizbullah fighters killed in Syria, which aired on October 2, 2012.
622d.jpgFarouq Brigades member: "Upon the order of the general commander of the Farouq Brigades, the Baraa Brigade in the city of Qusseir attacked a roadblock on the international highway between Qusseir and Baalbek. This roadblock was manned by members of Hizbullah." [...]
"The roadblock was besieged for eight days. The roadblock's commander, Captain Rami Al-Ali, was killed, along with 15 of the shabiha. In addition, Lieutenant Bassel Shaaban was wounded, and three Hizbullah members, clad in black, were killed.
"As a result, the regime went berserk, and sent reinforcements to salvage the bodies of the Hizbullah men, so that we would not have proof of their presence."

MEMRI TV Clip No. 3675

Report On Sunni Child Soldiers In North Lebanon

Following are excerpts from a TV program on child soldiers in Tripoli, Lebanon. The program aired on Al-Jadid/New TV on October 31, 2012.
Man: "Let’s go."
Boy cocks his gun
Footage of youngsters using their weapons
Boy: "There is no school tomorrow, mom."
Mother: "Yes, there is."
Boy: "Ask them if there is school tomorrow."
Reporter: "Do you like going to school?"
Boy: "Who me? Yeah right..."
Reporter: "Do you use these weapons a lot?"
Boy: "A lot. Whenever there is a battle."

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