Friday, 21 June 2013

Matt is away in Rome for a few days, preparing for his upcoming nuptials. But the fight against wasteful spending continues! The truth is that despite all the talk of cuts, politicians and bureaucrats still waste our money every single day. And on a monumental scale, too. As we exposed last week in our new Bumper Book of Government Waste, £120 billion worth of our cash was squandered in just one year. That’s £4,500 for every household in the country.

Think about it like this. The average household will pay £656,000 in taxes over a wholelifetime. The Department of Energy and Climate Change spent more than £700,000 on business class and premium economy flights in just over two years. That's how quickly politicians and bureaucrats can wipe out a family's entire lifetime of hard work. We need to keep up the fight to stop your money being wasted.

John O’Connell, Research Director

Bumper Book of Government Waste

After we released the Bumper Book of Government Waste, Allister Heath cited it in an excellent article in the Daily Telegraph. It was also heavily referenced in the main feature of this week’s Spectator.

Council credit cards used to pay for 5-star jaunts

Channel 4’s Dispatches programme looked at wasteful spending on council credit cards. Theo Hutchinson wrote on our site that Birmingham’s £3.7 million foreign travel bill is the equivalent to the amount of Council tax paid by 285 families.

The green jobs fallacy

Matt Sinclair wrote for the Spectator about the green jobs fallacy. For every job in this sector that the Government creates, it destroys more jobs elsewhere. Destructive taxes are pushing up the cost of household bills too.

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