Sunday, 23 June 2013

Russia: 'Syria Will Be Armed With Weapons That Have Never Been Seen Before In the Middle East'

Last week, Noble Peace Prize winner President Barrack Obama advised that his administration would be arming the Free Syrian Army with weapons to resist the armies of Syria’s President Bashar Assad. Furthermore, they would look to implement a Libya-style no-fly zone over the country, which like Libya, would likely involve widespread carpet bombing of suspected military strongholds and control centers.

With boots on the ground around Syria’s borders, the United States is without a doubt preparing for widespread engagement across the region yet again, with the aim of the new U.S. supplied weapons being more killing and destruction in a civil war that has left tens of thousands dead in the last year.

Obama called a war criminal in Irish Parliament (brilliant speech)

Round of applause for Clare Daly before she even starts.

The response of Enda Kenny, Ireland's arse-licker-in-chief, is pathetic. The sycophantic Establishment meets a woman speaking the truth. Outcome? No contest.

Mary Black: A Song For Ireland - Great Voice, Great Song, Great Country (now owned by the EU and IMF and run, but only in name, by yes sir, no sir Kenny)

It is time for revolution. Peaceful revolution, yes, but revolution all the same. What are you waiting for? What have you got to lose after the mess these people have systematically made of your country?
PS: Is Brian Cowen in jail yet? Or in retirement on a fat pension?