Friday, 21 June 2013

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This week's highlights from Out-Law News
TMT & Sourcing and Intellectual Property

Businesses can put 'big data' to use to improve data breach monitoring, says McAfee
Businesses that collect and retain security information and are able to analyse the data in 'real-time' can detect data breaches faster and minimise the impact of those breaches, a security software company has said.

Government to consult on whether to make imprisonment potential sanction for data protection offences
The Government is to consult on whether to introduce new laws that would make it possible for judges to send individuals to jail for offences under the Data Protection Act (DPA).

Cyber security risks present threat to UK financial system, say growing number of companies
A growing number of companies in the financial services sector are expressing concern about risks to cyber security, according to a Bank of England (BoE) survey.

Single regulatory authorisation should give telecoms firms right to operate across whole of EU, says Kroes
Telecoms companies that obtain regulatory authorisation to operate in one EU member state will be able to operate across the whole trading bloc under a new EU telecoms framework, an EU Commissioner has said.

Mobile telecoms firms probed for details of Google Android deals
The European Commission has asked mobile telecoms firms and manufacturers of devices to provide details of any agreements they have with Google regarding the use of the technology giant's Android operating system.

Cybercrime needs to be better defined in order to protect privacy rights, says watchdog
The European Commission should more clearly define what is meant by 'cybercrime' in order to prevent personal data from being processed in cases where it cannot be legally justified, an EU privacy watchdog has said.

Tenant was able to remove items it had installed in property, High Court rules
A recent High Court decision in which a tenant was entitled to remove large items it had installed on rented premises will provide comfort to developers in the energy and minerals sectors, an expert has said.

Landlords must check they have protected the deposits of tenants who have 'rolled over', expert warns
Landlords must ensure that the deposits of fixed term housing tenants whose tenancies 'rolled over' to become statutory periodic tenancies after the new deposit scheme requirements came into force are properly protected, an expert has said.

Environment and Climate Change
Government seeks views on removing need for site waste management plans for large construction sites
A new Government consultation  has called on industry for its views on the proposed removal of the need for large construction sites to have a site waste management plan (SWMP) in place.

Financial Services
Criminal sanctions for bankers will cost customers and make UK less attractive, says expert
Introducing criminal sanctions for senior bankers found guilty of reckless misconduct will "almost certainly" lead to additional compliance costs which customers will most likely have to pay for, an expert has said.

G8 agreement will see companies adopt national company ownership registers
G8 leaders have committed to keeping registers of who really owns and controls the companies operating in their territories, and to make this available to national law enforcement and tax administration authorities.

Litigation and International Arbitration
FSA win highlights role of judicial review as remedy of last resort, says expert
The former finance director of Bradford & Bingley has failed in his attempt to have the courts overturn a £100,000 fine issued by the financial services regulator.

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