Wednesday, 7 August 2013

4 soldiers injured in an explosion on Lebanese border

An explosion occurred during IDF activity on the Lebanese border, causing light to moderate injuries to four soldiers. They were taken to hospital for treatment.

Aug 07, 2013, 12:19PM | Ainav Weisberg
Soldiers on the Syrian border, Archive
Soldiers on the Syrian border, Archive Photography: Shutterstock
An unusual incident on the Lebanese border. Four IDF soldiers were injured tonight in an explosion that took place during operational activity on the northern border. The four soldiers were taken to hospital in Naharia for treatment.   
Their families were informed and IDF spokesman said that the army is investigating the event: “IDF is following developments and will continue to act to guard the northern border”.
Lebanese El Meideen television network, that has close ties with Hezbollah, is reporting that the four soldiers were injured by an explosive device, which was triggered after they crossed the border into Lebanon. Other reports in Lebanon say that it was two explosions in the area of Nakura, a Lebanese town near Rosh Hanikra. According to the report, shots were heard after the explosions. Further reports say that IDF fired illuminating bombs and that four air force fighter planes were flying in the Lebanese skies. 
“Israel is a cancer” Nasrallah.
“Israel is a cancer” Nasrallah. Photography: Lebanese TV
Nasrallah: The destruction of Israel – a Lebanese interest
Four days ago Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah left his bunker – for the first time in about a year, and spoke about Israel in a speech he gave to the Lebanese people, saying that “its destruction is an interest of the Lebanese people”. Nasrallah gave his speech in honor of “El-Quds” day in southern suburb of Beirut.  
“Israel is a danger to Lebanon and as such Lebanon has to be a danger to Israel” said Nasrallah. “Palestine – is from the sea to the river Jordan. No element has the right to relinquish any peace of that land”.
Continuing his speech, Nasrallah said that Israel is an existential threat to all the countries of the world.  “Khomeini gave Israel a true and accurate description, that it is a cancer” said Nasrallah. “We know what a cancerous lump does – it looks to spread. The only solution when facing cancer is to not yield to it and not give it the opportunity to spread”.  
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