Saturday, 10 August 2013

‘A Brilliant Past That Vanished’

    Richard dawkins has stirred up a bit of a Twitterspat with a completely innocuous comment.      Caitlin Moran decided Dawkins was declaring war on Muslims: The Telegraph’s Tom Chivers put a but more effort into coming to the same conclusion: Please be quiet, Richard Dawkins, I’m begging, as a fan Dawkins may believe that he is criticising only the religion, and its effects on the people who …Continue reading 

Acid Drops

  Two girls have acid thrown in their faces on a Muslim majority Island.   The BBC think this may be one of Mark Mardell’s ‘senseless tragedies’… ‘….it was the first time visitors to the island had been attacked in this way, describing the incident as “alien” to both the police investigating and the victims. Officers had no idea as to the motive.‘ But just in case anyone should be … Continue reading 

Tim Stanley, Heretic or Kafir?

      ‘The Changeling’ takes you into a Catholic world of blurred edges and deepest shadows where you cannot trust that what you see is true. The Cambridge Student newspaper 2007   You may have been following the spectacle of the academic, historian and all round cosmopolitan Tim Stanley trying to handbag working class Tommy Robinson for his views on Islam. The most recent cause of Stanley’s angst is, … Continue reading 


So, the Government announces an extra HALF A £££ BILLION for ‘struggling A&E”‘s in England.  Labour responds by saying this is not enough (when is it ever enough for the comrades?) and the BBC dutifully follow up by wheeling on  Dr Clifford Mann, president of the College of Emergency Medicine to inform the BBC Radio 4′s Today programme that  he had “real concerns” about how the money would be allocated. … Continue reading