Wednesday, 7 August 2013

A selection of recent media reports

'Go home' vans: Liberty targets Home Office campaign
Vans with the slogan "Stirring up tension and division in the UK illegally?
BBC News (06-Aug-2013)
Liberty drives through the streets of Brent in response to 'racist van' campaign
A civil liberty group drove through the streets of Brent to broadcast their
Kilburn Times (06-Aug-2013)
Liberty turns immigration tactics back on Home Office
Human rights group Liberty has hit back at the government's scheme to encourage overstaying (06-Aug-2013)
Mayor says immigrant posters 'could be friendlier'
Boris on Home Office illegal immigrant poster trucks: Frankly the language could be friendlier. (06-Aug-2013)
Illegal immigrant paid to manage drug factory
POLICE found a large cannabis factory in Waltham being looked after by a Vietnamese woman who had been smuggled
This Is Grimsby (06-Aug-2013)