Thursday, 22 August 2013

At least a hundred victims have been hacked by private investigators working for blue-chip companies, police finally admit - and no one has been arrested

'At least 100 people were victims of private investigators involved in the ‘blue-chip’ hacking scandal, police have admitted.
As the first details of the true scale of the scandal emerged, an MP said it was likely to be just ‘the tip of the iceberg’. The figure was revealed in a letter from the Serious Organised Crime Agency to MPs on the home affairs committee, which is investigating the illegal activities of private eyes employed by leading non-media companies.'

Burglars in prison paid £20 a week to quiz you about your valuables: Convicts asking unsuspecting families if they want to save money on house insurance

'Prisoners are earning £20 a week phoning householders and quizzing them about their valuables.
Burglars and other criminals are asking unsuspecting families if they would like to save money on their home insurance. The inmates get paid to read from a script which includes asking potential customers their names and postcodes. They also inquire about the total value of their possessions – including details of any worth large sums.'