Thursday, 8 August 2013

Barring the IDF, Netanyahu’s last resort against possible Obama détente with Iran is US Congress
Still at cross-purposes on nuclear Iran
Still at cross-purposes on nuclear Iran
DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis Aug 7, 2013, 12:43 PM (IDT)
A senior Israeli official commented Tuesday, Aug. 6, that Israel could attack Iran’s nuclear program on its own without American back-up – albeit less effectively than with the US – meaning the destruction of key components but not the entire program. DEBKAfile: Israel is starting to accept that President Barack Obama’s balking at military action in Syria applies equally to Iran. Netanyahu is counting on winning the US Congress around to Israel’s case as his last resort against Obama’s policy. So for now, Iran’s nuclear program can run without interference.
Saudis Block Obama’s Secret Plan to Intervene in Syria
Planned are a no-fly zone and a buffer sector manned by US-trained Syrian rebels in Jordan.
Turkish Umbrella for New Syrian Kurdish State
Ankara will build and arm a Syrian peshmerga, pipe Syrian Kurdish oil and gas to Europe.
Putin Heads to Tehran to See Khamenei and Rouhani
He dangles advanced missiles in his race to beat a path to Tehran ahead of Obama.