Saturday, 10 August 2013

BRITISH FOREVER.  10 8 2013.

Those Pinocchio’s that sit on green benches,
It’s the EU that is pulling their strings,
They jump and they talk and can wave their arms,
As long as to the EU they sing.
Eric Pickles has so bravely told us,
Thought perhaps we all ought to know,
The EU has plans for each one of us,
Yet what he told us was a terrible blow.

From ‘birth to the grave’ new regulations,
And of the latter we have had quite a few,
For no more ever to be UK citizens,
Or subjects of the Queen we once knew,
To now be REAL EU Citizens
No longer Subjects of our belovéd Queen,
The House of Commons to remain empty
For t’was once what might have been,

Treacherous deeds by those we elected
All in good faith, I will hastily add,
They allowed foreigners to pull their strings
For sheer treachery is what we have had.
Birth Certificates at the start of life
To be registered as Citizens of the EU
Marriage, and sadly Death Certificates
Will bear the same foreign stamp on too.

It is time EU Treaties  are repudiated
And for us all to be free once more.
So proud once, as an Island nation
When our ships went to sea in full force.
For the people of this Country are angry
At what their two ‘leaders’ have done,
To their fairy tails we all have listened,
Of these new EU desires we will have NONE.

Come the 2015 General Election
The people know what they have to do,
Use it as the promised REFERENDUM
Vote for those that want OUT of the EU.
Failing that Magna Carta to be dusted down
Clause 61 put to good use at last,
The people will no longer pay for others to rule,
They will first look to their Council Tax.

Never again will the people allow,
A Government, its whole people, to ignore,
Sign Treaties without the people approve,
Or decide who can set foot on our shore
For they have a law, lain dormant too long,
‘Ere a great Nation is lost forever,
A law that was admired by one great man
To use now to the full, must endeavour.

 A P