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Netanyahu to Ban: Palestinian refusal to recognize Jewish state is root…
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New - Pollard: “Israel betrays those who were loyal to it”
The man who spied for Israel and…
New - “Israeli fingerprint in the explosion in Beirut”
Lebanese President Michel Silliman…
New - Israel: first Kidney transplant between HIV carriers
For the first time ever - a kidney…
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Israel Politics News
MK Shaked attacks Kerry in unusual letter
“The release has doomed more Israelis”
“Open and honest with Netanyahu about the settlements”
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Israel Military News
Pollard: “Israel betrays those who were loyal to it”
Jewish prisoner goes on hunger strike
Following rocket fire, IDF attacks targets in Gaza
In Flight Advertising
Israel Local News
Israel: first Kidney transplant between HIV carriers
Get Ready to Sweat: a Serious Heat Wave has Arrived
40 Days in Jail for Sexual Harassment of a Female Soldier
Middle East News
“Israeli fingerprint in the explosion in Beirut”
Live from Lebanon: at least 20 dead in explosion in Beirut
Nasrallah threatens IDF
World News
India’s Independence Day: The mark of a prosperous future and relationship with Israel
Live from Egypt: Obama: “Concerned about the violence in Egypt”
16 young Poles who recently discovered their Jewish roots arrive in Israel
Israel Culture and Lifestyle
A Medal for Murray to Premiere in Israel
Matchmaking at The Maccabiah Games
Pop Legend Tom Jones to perform in Israel for the first time since 1997!
Israel Finance News
IBM to buy Israeli data security company
Statistics Show: 1 out of 3 Israelis don’t have a Pension Plan
Israeli Buys 2,000 ct. emerald at recent gemstone auction in Zambia
Israel Tourism
Hot Air Balloon Tour above Jerusalem
Fun Exhibits in Tel Aviv
The New Israeli-Arab Cuisine
Israel High Tech News
Restoring sight to the blind
Israeli Made Apps
An Israeli Flag on the Moon?