Saturday, 24 August 2013


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Saturday, August 24, 2013

US Ready to Strike Syria

Catastrophic Conflict Looms

The Obama administration is preparing a major military intervention in Syria in order to topple the Assad regime.

Assad has threatened to attack Israel if the United States attacks Syria. Russia, Iran and Hezbollah have warned that they will not allow Assad to be overthrown by foreign forces.

A regional war--or worse--looms.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Defeated Muslim Brotherhood Showing Signs of Exhaustion

Massive Mobs Fail to Materialize 

Despite the support and encouragement it has received from the Obama administration and its European allies and Islamist-run Turkey, Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood is looking more defeated every day. The fanatics still vow to die trying to overthrow Egypt's interim government; but the government is winning.

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Atomic Asphalting: Iran Covering Suspicious Site

Missile-Mad Mullahocracy's Moves Mock UN

Iran is covering its nuclear tracks, playing for time.

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Muslim Brotherhood Mobs Burning Churches in Egypt

Violent supporters of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood--which rose to power with the help of the Obama administration--are burning churches and attacking Christians in an organized campaign that is aimed at ending Christianity in the world's most populous Arab country.

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In related news, Egyptian Americans demonstrated at the White House to protest the administration's pro-MB policy.

History worth noting: Obama's Cairo address to "the Muslim world" emboldened the MB to oust Egypt's pro-Western president, Hosni Mubarak, who had for three decades maintained stability in Egypt while preserving the peace treaty with Israel. Moreover, Obama's use of the Muslim world term--he could have addressed the Arab world--was interpreted by Islamists as a key concession to their ideology, which posits a global Islamic nation that transcends all national, ethnic, and political boundaries and theological and denominational differences.

American Tells of Horrific Ordeal as Prisoner of Syrian Rebels

Islamists Kidnapped and Tortured American Journalist

An American photographer who managed to escape his Islamist captors tells of his long, horrible ordeal. 

That the United States is indirectly arming the kidnappers, car bombers and cannibals who have turned Syria into hell on earth boggles the mind.