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MEMRI Daily: August 8, 2013



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Special Dispatch No. 5399

Former Muslim Brotherhood MP: The Holocaust – The Greatest Lie Of The Modern Age

In an interview with the Egyptian weekly Al-Musawwar, published March 6, 2013, former Egyptian Shura Council member and current Muslim Brotherhood (MB) member Fathi Shihab Al-Din called the Holocaust "the greatest lie of the modern age and the gravest incident of organized historical international blackmail." Stating that while the rumor of the Holocaust was started by the U.S. intelligence apparatuses in order to ruin the reputation of Germany and its allies in World War II, and also to serve as a pretext for dropping atomic bombs, the seeds of this lie, which he claims now prevents criticism of Israel, were sown by the Zionists many years previously. He added that they had spread this rumor using the global media.
Fathi Shihab Al-Din: "I Still Insist That The Holocaust Is A Great Lie"
Fathi Shihab Al-Din, 66, heads the parliamentary committee for culture, information, and tourism, which is responsible for appointing editors to Egypt's state-owned newspapers, and is also a member of the high council of the engineer's union; he is also a former head of the MB's labor department. In 2007, he was detained for four months by the security forces of Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak.
This is not the first time that Fathi Shihab Al-Din has denied the Holocaust. On January 30, 2013, he marked International Holocaust Remembrance Day by publishing an article on his blog titled "The 65th Anniversary Of The Holocaust – The Greatest Fraud In History," in which he called the Holocaust a "myth" invented by the U.S., and that global Zionism and Israel had exploited this "myth of the Holocaust" in order to extort European countries politically and financially. He added that during World War II, the Jewish population of Germany was 600,000-700,000 and that after the war that number was around 500,000 – and that this discrepancy was due to illegal emigration to the U.S. by some Jews and the deaths of others from natural causes, automobile accidents, and Allied airstrikes. This article triggered harsh criticism in the international arena. He also made similar claims in an article published the next day on the MB website.
According to information given in the Al-Musawwar interview, Fathi Shihab Al-Din has also authored a number of books on the truth of the Holocaust and claiming that it is a great lie; one of these is titled The Great Lies of History and another is titled The Holocaust Industry.

Special Dispatch No. 5398

Antisemitic Arab TV Series "Khaybar": Deception Is The Creed Of The Jews, Conspiracy Their Religion

During the month of Ramadan, Arab television channels customarily air drama and comedy television specials after the breaking of the fast every evening. A drama series airing this Ramadan is titled "Khaybar," which is the name of the Jewish community in the Arabian Peninsula conquered by the Prophet Muhammad in 628 CE. The series depicts the producers' view of relations between Muslims and the Arab tribes of Medina, as well as with the Jews of Medina and Khaybar, leading up to the Jews' expulsion from the latter.
According to Muslim tradition, in 628 CE, Muhammad expelled the two Jewish tribes of Medina – Banu Qaynuqa and Banu Nadir – from the city. Another Jewish tribe, Banu Qurayza, was completely destroyed – all its men were executed and the women, children, and property were distributed as booty among the Muslims. Muhammad also defeated the Jews of Khaybar (including the Jews of Banu Nadir, who settled there after their expulsion from Medina), but allowed them to stay there and continue working their lands on the condition that they give half of their crop yields to the Muslims of Medina. During the time of the second Muslim Caliph, 'Omar ibn Al-Khattab, the Jews were expelled from Khaybar and their lands were divided among the Muslims.
Thus, it should also be noted that the term "Khaybar" is also a symbol of the Jews' ultimate defeat by the Muslims; chants of "Khaybar, Khaybar, oh Jews, the army of Muhammad shall return" are commonly heard at Islamist and jihadi gatherings.
Following are excerpts from three episodes of the antisemitic Arab TV series "Khaybar," which aired on Dubai TV on June 7, 10, and 18, 2013:
Convention of Jewish leaders
Jewish leader Sallam Ibn Abu Al-Huqayq: "Under what pretext shall we fight [the Muslims] in order to finish them off? Have they demonstrated any hostility toward us? Have they declared any ill-will that they have been harboring toward us?"
Jewish leader Shas bin Qays: "Not yet, but they will. And even if they don't I will confront [Muhammad] by myself. I will declare in front of his followers that he is a liar, who is leading them to perdition."
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